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I lost my power because of a storm. I had a doctor's appointment. But in the end.... I'm so glad Spring is finally here!

Way to go Blue Raiders! Only a couple of more rounds go! 

It's 5:30p and we still have plenty of sunlight!!!!


Gotta love TN weather. Tornadoes one night... all of this snow a day later. Welcome to Nashville!

You ever had one of those medieval dreams where there were exciting horseback chases, epic battles, dragons, fire, castles, jousting, swords, armor, food everywhere, music and group dances...

but you didn't get to enjoy ANY of that because you were a peasant in the dream?

Yeah... peasant Walker. I don't like the ring of that name.

I'm being a straight up REBEL today! The sign said grab paper towels with TWO hands...

I only used ONE!

And I'll do it again! I'm in that kinda mood!

I just saw an ALL-ELECTRIC vehicle...

at a gas station!

I understand they are called convenience stores. So, there were other reasons to be there.

But, that one still threw me! Can't wait to see what other oddness happens today!

I REALLY like Hotel California. 

This has to be one of coldest Winters we've had here in recent history. When it gets below 75 I might have to put on my jacket! Brrrrrr!

I'm not a fan of the cold at all. But it needs to start getting cold enough so my grass stops thinking it's Spring! I don't want to start cutting grass mid-February!
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