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Seeing the demise of the Google Earth plugin closing in, I migrated GEFS to Cesium (like everybody else). Google gave an extra year of life to the plugin... just too late. Cesium is a good platform, even if the data is not quite there yet. I won't regret the flaky old plugin. I'd still love to see a proper Google API for the WebGL renderer.

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This is clever.
Having fun with DOF and Street View depth maps. Using three.js, gsvpano+depth and wagner.

If only it were real world data... right now is a series of planes that define coarse geometry, probably because the original and only use for them is place dummies in the street view to give feedback to the user when moving the mouse around.

Where oh where is that sweet, sweet LiDAR scan  data that is supposed to have been captured for every panorama from the streetView cars, +Google Maps ?

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