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But you have to also understand objection to Intermarriage is not so much "White Racism" the easy excuse... but many immigrants are racist themselves, including South Asians....

This tends to be strongly routed towards the immigrant families. They don't want their Son or Daughter out-marrying, probably a lot of this is to do with parents, so if the person is outside the culture (its harder on the parents).... so parents want someone in their culture, but getting someone in their culture will NOT necessarily make a good Son or Daughter in Law/Life Partner for their child.

This happens much less (in fact I have never heard of it) in Latin American Families in the USA (probably because Latin Culture is Westernized, and many Immigrant Latin parents push their children to become one/fuse with wider America), rather than separate. I don't think intermarriage its an Generic Asian issue, East Asians and South-East Asians are quite open to Intermarriage with Whites and Latins yes I agree, not so much with Blacks).... But South Asians the various sub-cultures (EG Gujaratis/Marahtis/Bengalis etc..., its just the way South-Asian Culture and Society is) don't tend to intermarry themselves very much, both in the USA and South-Asia... and I guess that attitude(to some degree) remains when they come to the USA and even amongst the 1st Generation US Born Kids....

What made America STRONG, was the motto and belief of E pluribus unum (From many into one), so large scale fusion and mixing. However the longer Americans of Indian Ancestry, stay and mix with wider America (I don't like hyphenated Americans, aren't you good enough to just be an American, they feeds into the Liberal Racism, that only Whites/Light Skinned people can be JUST AMERICAN!), IM will become more common place, in fact It is starting to happen to the US Born Americans, of SA Decent, many intermarry outside their Ethnic Group (I have read a number of stats saying its about 40% US Born South Asian America IM), and by the 2nd Gen US Born (3rd Gen Including the Immigrant) it will become much more common place.

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