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Spot on article on the importance of choosing the right influencers for brand campaigns.

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Something I need to read up on.
Google+ Tips Collection
In celebration of my 5000th follower, I thought I would say thank you by sharing some of my posts about using Google+ that helped me reach that milestone. 

General Information
How People Get Circled -- Insights into what makes people circle one person and not another.
Google+ Engagement: +1ing, Commenting, and Resharing -- Ways to get people interested in following you.
How to Create a Bad Impression on Google+ -- Things people often do without realizing they might be creating a bad impression.
Tell Google What Changes You Would Like in Google+ -- How to submit your suggests to Google for changes to Google+ and what Google does with those suggestions.

Your Google+ Profile
Is Your Google+ Profile Name Legal? -- Google's rules for profile names and what to do if you are having problems with Google's real name policy. Note: A surprising number of Google+ profiles violate this policy.

Circles and Sharing
Circles, Your Circles, and Extended Circles: How Sharing and Notifications Work -- Basic concepts of Google+ circles and how sharing with circles works.
All about Shared Circles: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly -- The pluses and minuses of getting involved with shared circles, and what to watch out for.
What Does Sharing with Public Really Mean? -- Who sees the posts you share with Public and how they see them.
Concerned about unknown people circling you? Why you do not need to be concerned if people you do not know are circling you.
Circling is NOT "Friending" -- Key information about the difference between how circles work in Google+ and friends work in Facebook, and why expectations should be very different in Google+.
Having Problems with the Daily Limit for Adding to Circles? -- What you need to know if you are getting daily limit errors when trying to add people to your circles.

What's Hot
Seeing Junk in What's Hot? Clean Up Your Circles! -- Why cleaning up your circles can make What's Hot much better.

Google+ Communities
All About Google+ Communities -- What Google+ communities are, how they work, and suggestions for being a good community member.
Joined a Community? Circle the Moderators! -- Why you should circle the moderators of communities you join, and how to find them to do so.
Why You Can Only Post to One Google+ Community at a Time -- Why you cannot post to multiple communities, or to communities and circles at the same time.

Creating Posts
Creating and Using Draft Posts -- Instructions for creating and using draft posts so you can save your important posts while working on them and make sure they appear the way you want.

Make the New Notifications Drop-down Work for You -- Understanding how Google+ notifications work and how to use them effectively.
Dealing with Google+ Notification Overload -- How to resolve problems related to receiving too many Google+ notifications or too many Google+ notification emails.

Moderating Google+ Communities
Being a Good Google+ Community Moderator -- Information for community moderators about how to do the job well.
For Community Moderators: Blocking vs Banning -- The difference between Google+ Blocking and Banning, and when to use each while moderating communities.

The posts above and other of my posts about Google+ can be found by searching Google+ for:   #jmstipsGooglePlus  

Need help?
If you need help or have questions, the Google+ Help community ( is Google's official support channel for Google+. I and many other helpful people are there ready to answer your questions or help you solve problems relating to Google+. 

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