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802 N Maple St Burbank, CA 91505-2805 USA
To Preserve, restore and release great film scores!
Welcome to the online home of Perseverance Records, the small label with a big mission, that has been producing and releasing soundtracks since 2003. 
Perseverance Records specializes in film scores from the fantastic genre, but has also released the occasional action movie or drama soundtrack. Although we are trying to get more current scores, our main focus lies on the restoration of older titles, mainly from the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties. 
Perseverance Records was founded by me, Robin Esterhammer, in late 2002, after a friend of mine located the master tapes of "Dr. Phibes Rises Again" in a dumpster behind CTS Studios in England. After a short conversation with composer John Gale, I, fond of the movie and music, decided to give this music the proper treatment and release a soundtrack. MGM, who owned the rights to the music, eventually green-lighted Perseverance Records' inaugural release. 
To this day, I finance and produce all the company's CDs myself, putting all the monies derived from sales into the production of new albums. Perseverance has no financial backers or investors. (Wouldn't that be nice!) So, if you want to support the label, please buy our albums. 
I do this for the love of film music and the appreciation of film composers, neglected and underappreciated as they unfortunately are in today's motion picture industry, where a "Music-From-and-Inspired-by" song compilation always gets preferential marketing treatment over an "Original Score" album. True, they are big money makers, but it isn't art worth preserving for posterity.
I'd love to hear from you; if it's with a suggestion for a future release, a question about Perseverance Records, or just to tell me what a great job I'm doing (or not, if that's the case), send me a line. 
All the best, 
Robin Esterhammer


Perseverance Records

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Product Description

Arturo Sandoval & Jorge Calandrelli (feat. Armando Manzanero)
We are proud to announce the release of Arturo Sandoval's newest CD, Eternamente Manzanero. Performing the music of revered Mexican romantic pianist/ singer/ songwriter, Armando Manzanero, is a true labor of love. Performing Senor Manzanero's music with co-headliner Jorge Calandrelli, the album is a fresh, modern and pleasant take on his beautiful bolero music.
The production is immersed in a lounge atmosphere in which sensual rhythms are predominant and the instrumentation is never overly charged. The arrangements travel through diverse genres including jazz, bossa nova, and bolero, yet always conserving a refined and elegant esthetic. But most attractive are the two roles that Arturo Sandoval plays in this production; he not only shines as an unsurpassable performer on the trumpet and flugelhorn, but also reveals himself as a sensible crooner. It’s not the first time Sandoval sings on a recording, but he has never dedicated an entire album to the expression of his voice in a romantic and intimate manner.
The consistent unity of the quality, style and sound of Eternally Manzanero is the result of the collaboration between a great team of professionals. Amongst them we must bring attention to the brilliant work by Argentine composer and arranger Jorge Calandrelli, who co-produced, did all of the arrangements and also served as pianist throughout the album. Also a part of this outstanding team is the distinguished engineer Dustin Higgins, to whom we owe the exceptionally high level of mixing and mastering.
The encounter of these two stars constitutes an event of transcendental quality: songs, interpretations, arrangements and virtuoso instrumentation.
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Perseverance Records

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We are proud to announce the first volume release of Don Peake's score from the the classic 1980s television series, Knight Rider. Knight Rider, as the voice over will tell you before each and every episode, was "a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who did not exist". For four seasons we saw crime fighter Michael Knight and his fully loaded car, K.I.T.T., fight bad guys. The show made David Hasselhoff a worldwide star while Knight Rider lives on in reruns and on DVD. 

Without question, composer Don Peake worked on one of the most memorable television series of the 80s. Along with his work on Knight Rider, he has composed music for television, film (The Hills Have Eyes, Breakin', Modern Love) and pop music as a guitarist in the Ray Charles Orchestra, Jan And Dean, Mamas And The Papas, Sonny And Cher and Hal Blaine's famed Wrecking Crew. Don played guitar on Marvin Gaye's classic, Let's Get It On, as well as with other Motown greats. You've probably heard his guitar work on many of John Lennon's Phil Spector produced releases. His music for Knight Rider is a must own for any fan who collects or enjoys music from one of the great eras for television scores. 

This is not a Perseverance Records release, but a CD that Don Peake produced on the Hitchcock Media label and that we are distributing for him thru an extraordinary deal with Universal. Thanks to Philip Cohen for this!
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Perseverance Records

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Perseverance Records

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Great Storms of Aberystwyth Michael J Lewis
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