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AJ at the Ice
Now it is pretty obvious that I LOVE ice hockey and that I go to see my favourite team - the Melbourne Ice play whenever I can.    Today, not only did I get to see Ice play, I got to do an Atoms training session between periods of the game. It was awesome t...

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Not really a Tornado!
With a name like Tornado, you would expect a cat to be pretty wild and crazy wouldn’t you?   Well our cat Tornado can be pretty wild sometimes but most of the time he is the snuggliest and most pliable cat in the entire world.   He let’s us move him whereve...

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27-Mar-2012 Tonight at Cubs I was promoted to Second.   That means that I am second in charge of our six.   It is a pretty big responsibility but I know I am ready for the challenge. Sometimes, second is a great place to be! Love AJ Pickle

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At the zoo with Sonal
Remember how mum went to India at the start of the year?   Well some of the friends she made in India came to Melbourne to learn and explore.   We were lucky enough to be able to spend time with Sonal at the Melbourne Zoo. Of course we had to visit the Aust...

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Celebrating Harmony
How did you celebrate the diversity in your community?    I went to a picnic where I could share delicious food from all over the world.   The picnic was delicious but even better than the picnic was the face painting.    How cool is this? Love Princess George

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Industrial Cooking
Why oh why does AJ need to wear ear muffs when he is cooking?   Oh well, I really shouldn’t complain, I should just enjoy the cookies! Love Princess George

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Coby is back in town!
Coby has been away performing in Europe for ages and ages.   Finally she is back in Melbourne and I went to see her and some of her other cool musician friends perform. It was as this really cool recording place in Brunswick where there were couches and pic...

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Boy's Day Out!
The Grand Prix is in Melbourne again so you know what that means... hanging out with dad and his friends watching the race from an apartment overlooking the track! My favourite part of the day was the fly-by.  The formation flying was awesome. Then when the...

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It seemed like a good idea to go for a ride on the bmx track. It also seemed like a good idea to wear my favourite top.   Clearly I didn’t think about the track being muddy! Oh well, time for a shower and to throw my clothes into the wash! Love Princess George

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Junior's Christening
ready to upload 24-Feb-2012 Junior’s Christening Mum gets to become a parent again today.  She isn’t really having another baby, instead she is becoming a god parent for Junior.  We all went to the church where the whole god-parent thing happened. Then we w...
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