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Gardening Close to Home
I wrote this  a few years ago for a class I was taking. Thought it would still be of value. I looked at
a bunch of websites looking for what is needed to care for my veggie and herb
gardens.  I looked at what if anything
the soil needs, bugs in the area and...

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Bringing to Banishing: Changing a Spell
SPELLCRAFT 101: Most spells can be easily switched up to do the opposite of what they were initially intended. Example: You have a money spell that specifies bringing money to you and is normally cast on a waxing moon phase. You miss the timing and now the ...

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Return of the guest authors
I will be having some guest posts and some re-blogging of some information that will be of benefit to the community and my readers. Keep an eye out for the first one.

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Devil is in the details.
As I "troll" (move slowly through as in fishing) through the groups I belong to I am constantly reminded of some things that are my pet peeves of sorts. So let us begin. Number on is a big one.  It is alt"A"r. It is NOT alt"E"r. The two words aren't even si...

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Dark Of The Moon 05/06/2016
Tomorrow, May 6th is the New Moon or Dark Moon. This is a time for beginning spells that you want to come to fruition on the next Full Moon which is going to be May 21st at 11:14pm. This months Dark moon is going to at 9:29pm, While reading all the blogs I ...

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Creating a Ritual
In this blog post I will outline the steps for creating a ritual. This will only go up to the point right before the circle is cast to start the ritual. This was past to me while I was in coven studying Wicca. It is not limited to Wiccan though. Lets get st...

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Tips for a NEW Witch
7 Tips to the new Witch. As a Witch I see these tips as a great thing to impress upon those who are seeking to be practitioners of the craft. These tips apply less to the practice of witchcraft itself and more about the learning and the process. 1. Take eve...

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Something to ponder. Autumnal Equinox is set to the 23rd this year. A time of equal day and night. A balance. The sun moves to Libra on the 23rd as well. Libra is the zodiacal scales. The sign of balance. So what will you create a balance in tomorrow? How a...

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Same Path...New View
So I decided to take a new route on my path. I have enrolled in the classes on Black Rose Witchcraft at the Mystic Dream Academy .  This will facilitate my change to a more traditional witchcraft that I am seeking. It feels like a natural progression and an...

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The Edge of My Mortality
Recently, I have also had moments where I am sitting around and begin to think...why. Why did I have this happen to me the way it did. I wonder if I am meant to have these experiences so that I can have a better understanding of my humanity, or for me to ha...
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