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I'm sick of hearing about Chick-fil-A. Everyone complaining about this is a hypocrite. People, it's simple. The same rights that allow someone to be gay in America are the same rights that allow Dan Cathy to speak and follow his religious beliefs. That's the beauty of it. You're free to be gay, Christian, a bigot, whatever you want to be. I'm none of those, but I'm not pissed about the people who are. Get over yourselves America, you are acting like assholes.

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Not necessarily everyone complaining is a hypocrite--in fact, I would say most are not.  The same rights that allow Dan Cathy to speak and follow his religious beliefs are the same rights that allow someone to boycott Chick-fil-A because of those beliefs (or for any other reason).  If a company doesn't align with your values, you're free to take your patronage elsewhere.  You're also free to demonstrate, and to be vocal (even obnoxiously so) about your opposition to Cathy's beliefs.

Where people are going wrong is calling for bans on Chick-fil-A--particularly local politicians trying to put political leverage on the company, forcing it out of locations, etc.  Not only is that just plain wrong--it hurts the cause of legitimate protests, and it repaints Cathy as a victim instead of a bigoted jerk.
@Guiga, how is it a hate group?  If you ask him, it's a faith based organization.  It's just them practicing their religious freedom.  Don't like it?  Don't work there.  (For the record I'm an Atheist.  I think most religious groups are "hate groups" from my theological belief perspective.)

@Thom, Not everyone, but most.  A lot of those that are protesting are hating on Dan for speaking his beliefs.  That's hypocritical.  He's exercising the same freedoms they are.  I totally agree the politicians are wrong to try this, and they should not be allowed that influence.  However, if his business is being blocked at a local political level based on his own (stated) religious beliefs, he is the victim, even if he's being a jerk.
I just had a spicy chicken sandwich at my local Chick-Fil-A. I'm in a solidly blue state, and the place was packed with lines that could have been a mile long. Enraging fascists tastes delicious.
I love gays, homosexuals and lesbians. It is the sin which they do is what I hate. We are equal in God's eyes as long as we are living according to the word of God. Homosexuals and Lesbians do not live their lives according to God's word. It is God's word that judges them for their sin and not my word. I am not self righteous. I do believe that everyone has a choice to live their lives as the choose. However, we will all answer to God for how we have lived our lives on this earth.
I never judged anyone. I just said that it is God's word that judges them for their sin. It is God's word that judges everyone for their sin. We all will have to stand before God on judgment day to give an account of our lives.
Caleb, what hate groups are they funding?  Do you buy gasoline?  What about oil?  Diamonds maybe?  How about anything made in most of Asia?  All of these things fund hate by someones definition.  

No one is making you eat there.  Want a chicken sandwich?  They don't have a patent, go somewhere else.  Do you vocally oppose every church you pass by that is different from your beliefs?  The whole issue that people are rallying around this one individualized event is just evidence that people are mostly mindless sheep.  There are MANY other groups doing much worse things to civil rights than Chick-Fil-A.  

And I'm pretty sure any  group they fund is completely legal.  Just like the all the nut bags with WBC and the KKK.  Still allowed, it's called tolerance!

+Jerome Terry again, that's crazy religious talk.  I'm not answering to your god, and neither is most of the rest of the planet.  Your small minded christian belief is just dismissal of every other religion in the world because your elitist leaders told you that they are right and everyone else is wrong.  Faith is often confused with thoughtless following...   I typed this before I blocked Jerome, I'm done reading puke from the crazy christians with one sided beliefs...
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