Some of my IT books with short reviews

Event based Programming
I bought this book to learn from the old GUI masters and apply the knowledge to modern web programming. Mostly a failure.

Clean Code and Beautiful Code
Only bought them because of the name.

Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines
If you ever want to design UI, buy this book.

Concurrent programming in Java
This book should be on every programmers' book shelf and don't let yourself be put off by the Java reference.

Eloquent JavaScript
An introduction to programming by +Marijn Haverbeke. It was great to be taught everything from the ground up again. Also he teaches programming like it is supposed to: functional first.

Objektorientierte Softwareentwicklung mit Smalltalk
One of my few German books. I took this on one of my first snowboarding vacation in like 1994 and after reading it without a computer near by, I knew how to program. That was magic!

Extreme Programming Explained
Every few years a book is released that promises to solve the software crisis. This one fits nicely in this long list of failures.

Algorithm Design Manual
I have probably never read a single book more often than this one. Alone in preparation to my Google interviews I have read it probably 6 times back-to-back. Pure entertainment.

User Interface Design for Programmers
Buy it if you enjoy Joel.

Effective C++ Third Edition
Still on my TODO list. /embarrassment

Gödel, Escher, Bach
I read this book at the astounding rate of roughly one page per year.

Programming Ruby
Way too big.

Many Perl books
Those were the days!

Object Oriented Perl
If you ever do the slightest bit of object oriented programming (and that includes bending your functional language to to OO stuff), you must have read this book. 3 zen levels in programming heaven to be gained here. Again, it is completely independent of programming language, so although it has Perl in the name, every Java, C#, C++, Ruby, Python, whatever programmer should own it.
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