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Ben Lang
Founder & Executive Editor at, Executive Editor at Into virtual reality, mobile tech, gaming, and more.
Founder & Executive Editor at, Executive Editor at Into virtual reality, mobile tech, gaming, and more.

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Does anyone know of any replacement for the actual Google Glass body which would let me use the sunglasses+frame without Glass itself?

Maybe there's something like a 3D printed part that would attach to the frame where the Glass body (the housing with all the electronic components and the display) usually does, which would hold the frame and sunglasses on my head.

I want to use the sunglasses but don't want Glass itself with me every day because of how valuable/expensive it is. 

Microsoft, it's 2015. Why does a multi-hour Windows 10 instillation require me to click buttons throughout the process? Just let me click everything that needs to be clicked at the start so that I can walk away and come back when it's done without babysitting the instillation.

If Magic Leap turns out to be everything it's teasing, the company will be incredibly well named.

The state of modern gaming is concerning. Developers are increasingly creating virtual slot machines: software that's designed to extract as much money out of players as possible; fun no longer matters, as long as players are shelling out. The fact that many games offer in-game purchases that enable players to PLAY LESS (ie: paid unlocks, XP boosts to level you up faster with less game time) has to be the best proof out there that many of these games are addicting but not fun; if you are paying money to not have to play the game as much, there's got to be something wrong.

Tip for indie devs pitching games to media (VR or otherwise). Do not send Let's Play videos. They are annoying, devoid of information, and their view count does not correlate to the quality of your game. Send a proper press kit with high resolution screenshots and a trailer.


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First person to make a VR experience that makes me cry, wins. Maybe a VR version of this short story?

I enjoy few things more than calling out awkward silences. Like literally saying out loud at the moment that it's happening, "Nothing like a nice awkward silence." It either breaks the tension with comedy or makes things even more awkward; both outcomes are desirable.

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We all knew this day would come. It's going to take me a while to stop calling Morpheus, Morpheus.

There's few things better than a hammock that's within range of wifi.
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