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If you’re thinking about making healthy lifestyle changes, you may want to put eye health on the list. Getting regular eye exams, maintaining a healthy weight, and eating a healthy diet are essential for healthy eyes.
Activity trackers are intended to help people achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles. These devices can help monitor physical activity levels, blood pressure, heart rate, calorie count, and more. NIH Record takes a deeper look at how the devices may help improve a person’s health.
Learn how the brain processes pain in response to meditation in this video clip of Dr. Richard Davidson, founder of the Center for Healthy Minds, talking with Dr. Josephine Briggs, Director of NCCIH.
Considering using a natural product for musculoskeletal inflammation and the pain associated with inflammation? Here are 7 things to know:
Interested in learning more about opportunities at NIH, like intern programs? Find out about NCCIH job openings and other NIH opportunities:
There are two open positions in the Lab of Behavioral Neurocircuitry and Cellular Plasticity. The first position is for someone with a strong background in electrophysiology and the second position is for someone with a strong background in behavioral neuroscience.
What is the neural basis for mind and body therapies? You'll learn the answer in this free video lecture with Dr. Catherine Bushnell (CME/CE credit available).
Credits: 1 hour of CME; 1.2 nursing contact hours (CEU) Cost: Free
A recent study by the National Cancer Institute showed that greater levels of leisure-time physical activity were associated with a lower risk of developing 13 types of cancer.
Greater levels of leisure-time physical activity were associated with a lower risk of developing certain cancers.
Check out this conversation between Center for Healthy Minds founder, Dr. Richard Davidson, and our Director, Dr. Josephine Briggs, as they discuss the scientific tools used to study #meditation and the challenges confronting meditation research.
If you're on Pinterest, check out our boards and pins on complementary health approaches:
This month’s Clinical Digest summarizes the evidence of several natural products marketed for improving musculoskeletal inflammatory conditions, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and tendinitis.
Many natural products have purported anti-inflammatory properties, and some have a long history of use for treating inflammation and the pain that is associated with musculoskeletal inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and tendinitis. Although there is some limited evidence that a few natural products may provide modest benefits, in general, there is insufficient evidence to support the use of many of these natura...
Checking out a health Web site? Use these 5 quick questions to help you decide whether the site is a helpful resource:
Guidance for finding and evaluating online sources of information about complementary health approaches.
Being physically active can be more fun when you’re with someone you love—like your grandchild. Here are some tips for being active with those special young ones in your life. Shared time, no matter what the activity, is bonding time.
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