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London based creative strategist
London based creative strategist

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Sam clafflin interview 

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So I wrote a little something about how I think a rise in context-analysis will emerge to be the king that marketers will worship. I didn't actually put that line in the article, but I wish I had done. I quite like it!

Anyway, here it is!

Chatting with someone at the last Silicon Roundabout Social Club (this one at the Old St Google Campus) - mentioning that I was in social marketing, she mentioned that she worked as a QA. Followed up by saying, "two roles that startups don't seem to want to hire"

The question, "Why?", then dawned on me.

Why are marketers and QA folk not often part of founding teams. Don't get me wrong, I understand why dev guys etc are needed, but if building a quality product and loyal fan-base are an important part of developing a successful product then surely these two skill sets would add a lot of value to a startup?

Thoroughly looking forward to the +Greenlight Lunchbox Sessions tomorrow. A non-client specific creative marketing brainstorm free for all. Of sorts!

Trying to build a blog post around the following premise, "context is king, long live context" 

It used to be content is king, but I believe there's a power shift happening

The #coffeeshopchallenge has begun! Myself and +Andy Edmonds (and whoever fancies) are taking on London's Indie Coffee Shops which will see us attempt to visit every single one within half an hour walking distance of our Liverpool St office. 

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Ahead of the Olympics, what do the public think of the London Underground?

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There's no such thing as a bad QR code, just bad uses of QR codes. Here's one use that could just be ok

I'm here to own my content. 
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