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Now, +Anonymous aren't you being a little broad with the paint brush? Looks like he's going to sneeze to me. OM.
Sm Tv
I would like to say: "stuff another head" lol
Unfortunately I'm from Germany and to find some GOOD weed is nearly as difficult as getting guns, which are also totally illegal in my "loved" country. Not long time ago I was shocked when I got into some statistics how much weapons are actually in this country (registered)... In comparison to psychoactive goods which are listed in the BtMG (banned ones) and especially Cannabis you must already know where to get some "safe", otherwise you have to risk your life (in the worst case) Just by smoking something green...! End of 2007, biggest poisoning wave related to lead (pb) since 2. World War in Germany, because cannabis was cut off with it... In short time over 100 poisoned (registered). No reason for our government to act.. "cannabis already is unhealthy to consume........"

Welcome to Germany! We are a free minded, tolerant and well educated land, filled with great writers and scientists... Even today!


Argghh let's just sell some more of our "high end" war equipment to Saudi-Arabia!
made in Germany.
Our economy needs it...
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