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If you think our infrastructure doesn't need to be secured from cyber-terrorism you're a fucking moron. I generally side with anonymous, but I don't want some asshole to blow up a power plant.
Be better of with an emp / nuclear device. @see nkorea...
All reform needs further reform. 
websites must stop retaining user data  to keep public trust
+Anthony Moraga why do we need to pass the information of all lawful citizens add well as track them globally to stop cyber terrorism? Again we penalize the many for the deeds of the few. 
I have a feeling they dread there citizens far more than there enemies.     
I think its a first step to a safer cyberenviron
I was feeling the POTUS #SOTU speech, except the part where he announced this executive order.  Not gonna lie, it sounds pretty sketchy.
He promised not to sign any type of cyber limiting legislation, Still has not kept any of his promises. This is nothing less than weakening all citizens rights.
+Gary Darbyshire that and rampant corruption man. Something gotta be done, but of you can't trust your government which is supposed to protect you then who can you trust?
Always the rationalism of security for liberty. Benjamin Franklin said, "a society that gives up a little liberty for security deserves neither and will lose both". The sacrifices are worth the risk. We don't need to tread on liberty for terrorism or terrorism has already won!
And yet we, the few that prize our freedoms, have become the fringe.

The loss of our most important rights continues. True free speech, speedy trial, unlawful detention, cruel and unusual punishment, search and seizure, bearing arms, right to face your accuser.

And I would bleed dry to retain just one of those rights from the grasp of government intervention.
+JP Loinsigh Because the people of this country have rationalized tyranny through security sold by a used car salesman named Obama. Low miles, only rolled once.
Thomas Jefferson said, " from time to time it becomes necessary to fertilize the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots". They had just thrown of those chains and so knew the threat of tyranny first hand. We have never, in our time known tyranny. It is easy to say guns kill so get rid of guns (and people rationalize it) but when you understand the amount of bodies laid at the feet of tyranny and tyrants then the death toll is small in comparison. Foresight is not a gift of society but ignorance is. 
You get what you vote for, folks. You ain't seen nuthin', yet.
And when you tell people they don't believe you 
So - what happened to the plan to shut down SOTU if this was signed?
+Kara Marie Rawson LMFAO +Jared Carlisle I was waiting for that to happen as well. guess they were being careful, i don't want anymore members of Anonymous to be arrested caz lord no they won't get a fair trial, let alone ever see the light of day again.
It will stop the terroists so dont question it... Just think how bad 9/11 was... Do you Americans want that again? Ha ha ha like the friggin taliban are on a laptop in a cave
The US government is the real terrorist.
obama is also muslim
Why can't a hacker steal the formula ingredients for Coca-Cola... That would be cool.
If you control the flow of information, you can control everything. 
Liberties won't be lost at the end of a gun, they will be given away to the sounds of cheering masses.
state of the union my ass more like the state of socialism american style
In a word Bullshit. Just another gimmick that feeds on paranoia and a reason to that more freedom away. 
The military will fuck this new freedom up. Security violations everywhere watch what I say.
Maybe they could us this to find out about HIS past. If Anonymous is so powerful Take OFF the emperors clothes. If you can
What is going on ?! First , the NDAA , now this . The government is circling the wagons . It's like the Patriot Act all over again . What does having my private information keep me safe from counterterrorism ? 1984 ...
No surprises. Look at his super PAC donors to see who he works for.
"(a)It is the policy of the United States Government to increase the volume, timeliness,and quality of cyber threat information shared with U.S. private sector entities..."

It's quite open-ended. It doesn't explicitly say much. It has a section about civil liberties protection. But that falls to a beaurocrat, of course. Turns out DHS has a civil liberties wing ... there's an oxymoron.
+Cory Seale Rule of thumb for using the word 'sheeple:'
Saying the word (or typing it in this case) in order to exact an insult makes you a 'sheeple.' The people that are not 'sheeple' only think the word and do not use it maliciously. If you read what I said very carefully you will realize that I did not use the word in a malicious way, I used it in an educational way; accusing me of being a sheeple for using the word in this comment would not work. 
Oh great... So now the u.s. is going to have government controlled Internet. Prepare for another round of Web 1.0 
Did someone say the end of SPAM, SCAMS and VIRUS?
Whoever voted him for the second term can't cry about this. You ought to have known this would've happened.
And I'm sure china doesn't give a damn we owe them after all
And that was the end of voting for me...let the illegals and commies be fool's
The mentality that voted him in is the eighth wonder of the world.
The only thing this executive order will do is tax businesses more to be spied on and their rights will be infringed on. This does nothing for security at all only more government infringment and theivery. 0bama doesnt understand that the private sector pays for governement not the other way around. If the private sector fails so does his beloved government the only thing this guy has known since birth. 
I think the people who work ate just not into this trojan hoarse system anymore we are awake when the American dream allows sleep and no concious thought of impending freedoom
Why dont we talk about audio terrorism and ruin through brainwashing music especially rappers who say they have more bombs than Pakistan...or they must be useful for big bro government
We need less governmental usury and thier spawn
Damned Pharisees and thier pharoh
As soon as further decent in socialism it will be martial law than communism it has always gone this way than the supporters will be the first to be reduced in population
This man is such a fuckin puppet people are falling for anything he says.....that's exactly y I dont vote these presidents are selected to bring in the NWO by using executive power like a dictator to pass unconstitutional laws to monitor and spy on the people. This will affect everyone not just criminals no matter what he says.
It's like how low can you go,and most don't realize Americans have been sanctioned by thier aipac as the sacrificial GOYIM for the Pharisees
+Darius Neal Its the way of the left. It has never worked in any society EVER. Just ask Hitler, Stallon, chavez and 0bama. The only difference 0bama still has the media and the dems are in either denial or they just do not care about anything but their own a$$es. 
+Cory Seale - You claim that the order uses vague wording which suggests it can be used to violate your privacy.  Please, by all means, post the sections in question and prove your point.  Saying "I read it and you're wrong" is not an argument.

The only sections I saw that were applicable to personal privacy were:
The Cybersecurity Framework shall include methodologies to identify and mitigate impacts of the Cybersecurity Framework and associated information security measures or controls on business confidentiality, and to protect individual privacy and civil liberties

This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, oragents, or any other person

So, it says it must protect privacy and civil liberties, and that it explicitly does NOT grant anyone any extra rights or legal power at all.

Please, feel free to disprove me with evidence
"The only thing this executive order will do is tax businesses more to be spied on and their rights will be infringed on." - Everything involving private business is qualified with the term "voluntary".  

Look, I'm very strongly opposed to SOPA, CISPA, and anything else which lets the government spy on us.  The thing is, I actually read the proposals and differentiate between the fascist policies and a government doing its job.

In this case, all this order says is that the US government is going to work together with any and all American organizations that want to increase cyber security.  And, I don't know about you, but I, for one, would rather not leave gaping backdoors for Chinese hackers to enter and shut down the power grid.

If you can prove otherwise, do so with evidence.
"I have read it and you are wrong" - What all the morons say when they can't back up their claims with evidence.

If you are right, it is simple to prove so. 

If you are wrong, you won't even try.

Your move.
Drowning in information but starved for knowledge.
"Trust in God...Stop Complaining he was put there for a reason." - A statement on par with "I read it and you're wrong".

Think critically people.

It's easy to just put your faith in God or in your doubt of government, but if you reach your conclusions without evaluating the evidence, you are no better than a politician who signs a law without reading it, or who votes yes because the other party voted no...

We have the Internet.  The truth is out there.  But you actually have to go looking for it.
God did say at the heights of thier power God would send an angel to destroy them so Anthony Lopez your right its just revelations and apocalyptic events no worrying
Honestly, I can't believe the fucking apathy and ignorance in this world.  

You want an apocalypse?  Go fucking shoot yourself and end it now.  The rest of us want to fix this sinking ship before its too late, and all the paranoia and doomsdayers are just getting in the way.
Honestly I find it hard to have empathy nowadays
In all our relationships with people, with nature, with ideas, with things, we seem to create more and more problems. In trying to solve one problem, whether economic, political, social, collective, or individual, we introduce many other problems. We seem somehow to breed more and more conflict and need more and more reform. Obviously, all reform needs further reform, and therefore it is really retrogression. As long as revolution, whether of the left or the right, is merely the continuity of what has been in terms of what shall be, it also is retrogression. There can be fundamental revolution, a constant inward transformation, only when we, as individuals, understand our relationship to the collective. The revolution must begin with each one of us, and not with external, environmental influences. After all, we are the collective; both the conscious and the unconscious in us is the residue of all the political, social, cultural influences of man. Therefore, to bring about a fundamental outward revolution, there must be a radical transformation.
Apocalypse is unveiling the truth not destruction when denile becomes obsolete 
Your human insturmentality in wanting to form humanity into a collective is unachievable for though we would all agree the power of will and individuality is the strongest force inside our minds and hearts
We currently are being taught apathy through technology is ok drones,abortion,and scams
+Michael Silk, I agree with most of what you said, especially about how we all need to re-examine our relationship with the collective.  The part I have to comment on is  " We seem somehow to breed more and more conflict and need more and more reform. Obviously, all reform needs further reform, and therefore it is really retrogression."

Looking at life today, it is substantially better than life fifty years ago (just in terms of civil rights), and it is much, much better than it was a few hundred years ago.

It wasn't all that long ago that we lived under monarchs as peasants and slaves, and we have to look even less further back to see empires and slavery rampant in the world.

It may seem like all the reforms to the reforms are a never-ending cycle, but the fact is that life IS getting better for everyone.  The problem is the inequality with how that improvement is distributed.

Personally, I'm  aiming for direct democracy, with realtime delegation, no partisan parties, and localization of all moral law.  In other words, the people spend the tax money, the people vote for the smartest person they know, and can change their vote at any time.  And, finally, all "victimless crime" like drug laws or speeding fines should be left up to each community.  

Basically, I want the services of government, without the corruptible offices of government.  The problem isn't laws or regulations, the problem is small groups of people with the power to abuse laws and regulations.  

Our democracy is a relic of the days when information travelled at the speed of horse.  We have the Internet now.  It's time for an upgrade.
The ones who seek to control only do so because they can't even control themselves.It's like they have an everlasting "temper-tantrum."
Oh my Fucking God...there's seriously going to be a Fucking revolution if this shit keeps up
Wait...I think I misunderstood this. Still, it sounds bad
Direct democracy would be best implemented incrementally.  Start with a public veto; if 51% of the population actually wants a law repealed bad enough to vote on it, that should be the highest law in the land.  Then, work on taxes; add a form on income tax papers labeled "where do you want the money to go", and start with, say, 10% of the budget the first year, and inch it up 10% at a time while people get used to the idea of choosing wisely what they need.

This tax reform would be a self-correcting loop; if our roads suck but our hospitals are tip-top, people will defund whatever seems okay, and move it to whatever they would normally just bitch about the government failing at.   Plus, all expenditure would have to be transparent, so we could look to see where money is being wasted, and demand improvements.

From there, the actual implementation of direct democracy could also be incremental.  Start with real-time delegation; no more election promises; either you do your job and maintain confidence, or you GTFO and take your fail with you.

Next, remove "first past the poll", whereby whoever gets the most votes in a district wins that district.  Instead, keep track of the votes; if one person gets 400,000 votes, and another gets 100,000, that first person has four times the voting power.  In other words, people can vote for who they want, instead of voting against who they don't want.

Then, the demise of partisan parties would happen naturally; people would start voting for the smartest, most competent person running for office.  The existing parties would go on as political entities for a while, but the ability to actually pick what you want instead of choosing from the options selected for you will give rise to many more public servants who actually want to make the world a better place, instead of power-mongers who know that you can buy or blackmail votes to misuse public power.
It's time for an upgrade. Is there time? 
Whether there's time or not, we have to start or we'll never finish.  There's almost four more years 'til the next election... Plenty of time to start organizing an "Internet Party".

It could co-exist with the current parties with one key difference: The party votes however the constituents tell them to vote.  No platform.  No "we're conservative or liberal".  No group think.  Just real, honest democracy (and best of all, we don't need any new laws to do it...  all we need is to organize it and gather enough support to win a few seats.  When people realize that they could vote for someone who actually does what they want, it will snowball into a legitimate successor of partisan politics (anyone in the party who violates constituents will is immediately banned and replaced with a proper puppet).
Obama higest hero. Very nice.
+Kara Marie Rawson I'm shocked people have not figured out that the government has been using the almight "fear of the boogeyman" tactic now for quite some time to get all kinds of things going!
+John Meise Very very unlikely...just too many people divided with the lies they swallow from the big powerhouses of corruption: Government, Media, Religion!
There is hope in the individual, in you, not in a system, not in the blueprint of a planned society, not in any religious organization, but in you, the individual.
If you had nothing to hide you wouldn't mind not having privacy... Just saying.
Fear and terror absolute power and profitable grains
You give up privacy you let in voyeurism and rights to think,say,listen,and function without your own Will
What if what you wanted to keep private was constantly exposed by others who keep secrets from you oops to late
Heard it before, and seems like the consensus is thus:

O ne
B ig
A as
M mistake
A gain

I just tell everyone watch what you hate,you may become it
If your an American that wants communism go live in north Korea
You should be entitled to your own privacy
Fear is the weapon used to take freedom. Are you too afraid to be free? I hope not.
And again, one has to worry about the bills/acts they push through this fast.
And still the bleeding heart Liberals support him.! Wake up, they're all the same. 
Vote that's funny you can shoot your left foot or your right foot vote haha what a cruel joke 
More infringement of our rights. Shocker.
+Troy Massey We need to get together as communities and start voting people into office that support our communities views not party lines. This means no one votes for party members and all vote for the same person. That would have to be organized using the internet which is why the government wants control of it. Also, all must use paper ballets so the government will have a harder time changing the vote. It won't be easy
+Rogi Ocnorb Congratulations !! The choice of America !! ....Progress by demolition ?? Blind are those who do not see ?? US sheeples on the way to the slaughterhouse !! ( unbelievable that Obama recieved the Nobel (peace?) prize )
+Ton Loef  Did you read Animal Farm? Yep. It's sad they don't see it coming.
"Animal Farm"  is already here.....But the Elephants in the farmhouse are so greedy and narcistic they forgot to close the door.....the farm animals will not give up.
I have to ask again...
...did anybody proclaiming this is some anti-privacy measure actually read the bill?

I will paypal $20 to the person who can find the clause in there that grants the government or any elected official any power whatsoever to undermine your privacy.
Also, once again, I am vehemently anti-SOPA, anti-CISPA, anti-NDAA and the like.  I'm not defending the tyranny of the US government, but I am defending rationality and the choice to find evidence before drawing conclusions.
+James Nelson Let me sing you the song of my people:

"As part of the broader national effort to strengthen the security and resilience of critical infrastructure, coordinate with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other relevant Federal departments and agencies and collaborate with critical infrastructure owners and operators, where appropriate with independent regulatory agencies, and with SLTT entities, as appropriate, to implement this directive;"

In the legal system this is called a slippery slope. This is where they coordinate with infrastructure owners to deny you access to subversive literature, get your information, or just have direct access to watch the traffic flow of these networks.
" as appropriate, to implement this directive" - Which means the coordination is used to apply what's outlined in the directive.  Unless you can find a clause in the directive which gives anyone anywhere any access to anyone's data, all your clause says is "we are going to collaborate with everyone involved to implement these security measures"

I would repost the part where it says that it must uphold personal privacy, but I don't have to because of the last few clauses:

"This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations. Nothing in this order shall be construed to provide an agency with authority for regulating the security of critical infrastructure in addition to or to a greater extent than the authority the agency has under existing law. Nothing in this order shall be construed to alter or limit any authority or responsibility of an agency under existing law"

"This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person"

In other words, there is no law being enacted.  It explicitly states that it is not granting any new power to anyone.  

It's an order to create a task force to assess cyber security, and recommend improvements to the government and any business that volunteers to participate.  The only tangible product is the security report, which is to be made public, and the program is open to anyone who wants to join in and get free security advice.  

Oooohhh!  Better get those tinfoil hats ready!
+James Nelson Hmm indefinite detention without the right of due process, wire tapping without warrant,  and killing anyone he wants with no need to show the reason, are already in place. Thus this has all the back doors he needs to do anything he wants with it.  The best weapon we have against a totalitarian government is the internet. I want the government out of the internet. Actually I'd like them out of everything but maintaining the roads. I'd take away maintaining the national defense as they are using that to strip our freedom. 
See how our gov. deals with good programmers  see INSLAW or ENHANCED PROMISE 
+George Schubert  I could ask "Why don't you move to China? They've banned guns." . However, that would be using your tactics. Instead I will ask you why are you so afraid? Are you aware that guns are banned in China and they have thousands of deaths by stabbing each year? Do you have the stats for deaths from driving drunk, texting while driving, drug overdose, and speeding to name a few of the things now illegal that are still killing people? 
  Are you are willing to hand over all your freedom for a promise of protection? How are you going to hold them to that promise? Think Waco, Kent State, and Ruby Ridge. Yes, I know. You will make excuses for those and everything up until they come for you. 
Immaturity lies only in total ignorance of self.
+George Schubert It is your privilege to live your life so that you don't offend the governing forces. I rather not have a government that burns children (as at Waco), shoots unarmed students (as at Kent State), and gives itself the license to kill anyone they want without due process. 
+George Schubert Your way works until someone breaks into your home and puts a gun in your face or worse in the face of your children. The thought that we are too civilized to need weapons only goes about as far as the first criminal you run into who is not civilized and cares as little about your personal safety as you seem to.
+George Schubert Well sir, I too have served my country and have seen up close what they can do. I have lived on this Earth 38 years and have lost 3 friends to the exact thing I am talking about. I don't "hide in a close" clutching a gun, I am concealed carry holder so I got shopping with it, I go out to eat with it, hell, I take my dogs for a walk in the park with it. I would rather have it and never need it then to need it and not have it.
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