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Do you need us for anything? Got question about your online privacy? Want to live a new life or change the world? Join Anonymous!
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I feel like those of us with limited computer skills shy away. That why I Occupy.
Forgive my ignorance, how could one distinguish between an alleged Anon tip link and an FBI honeypot?
see Richard this is why i am drawn to analogue interactions.
I certainly don't know one way or another.  I don't even know how Anon wound up in my feed; apparently they're not on my Follow list.  I just see a lot of stuff on the 'net that turns out to be different than presented, so you never know what you'll encounter on the web.  I'm sticking with LOL cats. :)
lol so fake. you can't "join" anonymous, OP.
I like what you try to accomplish do you guys need more hacktivists that bad
Anonymous isn't an organization. Anonymous is a symbol. Anyone can be an anon. Anyone can fight for freedom.

You don't "join."

By simply spreading awareness to those who have no access to it you are a part of the movement.

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