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The Man in the Rain
It's about 9 pm and we stopped by an off-the-road 24/ hr diner to grab a quick bite before heading to our next destination of Hoi An. My chauffeur (his name is Thai by the way; a little cold but knows his stuff) goes inside and asks the lady of the house wh...

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Nha Trang
The coastal city of Nha Trang has left a special place in my heart. As soon as we rounded about the cliff that lead into the city, I knew instantly that I would fall in love with it. Growing up in Orange County, I was spoiled by it's iconic beaches and laid...

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My cross country trip begins at 4 am on 8th of December. The city of Saigon (now changed to Ho Chi Minh City) was softly rustling at this time. I could see shop owners slowly emerging from their swift slumber to start another hectic day. There is an eerines...

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Warning 10% remaining
It has been about 6 days since I left Ho Chi Minh City and 6 days of encountering "10% battery remaining" Stupid me forgot to bring along an charger adapter for my macbook pro. You become rather crafty when trying to find a three-pronged plug. I have done t...

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The Palace
Upon entering my childhood home, I realized how drastically my
imagination had refurnished my memory. Being only 4 when I was last back, I
visualized it as a palace with a spiral staircase at the heart of a gentle
fortress. Back then, being only about 3 fee...

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34,000 feet in the air with nothing but Tyler oakley's podcast,
psychobabble, and leftover gardettas makes me nostalgic about a day off I had a
week ago. It was raining that day and I was scouting thrift shop locations for Vietnam ,and to my dismay, ended u...

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I woke up at night a couple of weeks ago pondering about the direction I wanted my company, Project White Elephant, to grow into. I knew that the basis of the project was to unify local artists to create a more potent creative community. However, there was ...

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Style Seekers Series
Welcome to our new series, "Style Seekers." Yours truly will be snappin' and chatin' style-worthy SF and LA go-abouters. Let's be honest, street fashion carries the fashion trends in our generation. This trinkling up process is what inspired many designers ...

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Tasty Peanuts!
Beautiful things need to be shared, not kept to one's self.  1 . Open Jacket with Vegan Leather Trimmings by 10 Crosby Derek Lam via [This jacket is everything that is right about an open-faced jacket.  The black leather trimming again...

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Coffee Shop
Birth of Mr. White Elephant Givenchy bag, Kitsune cap, H&M boucle cardigan coat, H&M special edition headphones Drip Coffee and (delicious) Glazed Donuts  Bit Code inspired wall print Coffee shops are incredible establishments. They have an amazing ability ...
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