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Brian Grimwood
See the sights, travel the world, meet new people? Sounds like a blast!
See the sights, travel the world, meet new people? Sounds like a blast!

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And now, to the chagrin of many of my grammar-sensitive friends, feast your eyes on the newest word adopted by the Spelling Stalwarts at the AP: "Hopefully".

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Striking a blow against the tyranny of self-preservation!

Wow, new interface on the Plus Side. It may take a little getting used to but I already seem to like it.

Let's give it a chance to see what it can do!

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Uncle Sam rises again...slowly.

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Art imitates life.

The Wire was able to show how a series of institutional failures leads to seemingly no other choice than to get into "the game". This story shows how the glamour and need for "respect" can ruin lives just as much as those failed institutions.

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One of the most important points that comes up in this article is that, in order to be an effective President of the United States of America, learning quickly how to use the tools at your disposal is paramount.

President Obama seems to have come to grips with this fact quite swiftly and, particularly in the international realm, has made such large strides in putting the US on solid ground once again. Pay careful attention, particularly, to the diplomatic manuevers he used with China in the popularly termed "failed" visit to China.

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Quick Response, or QR Codes, are still somewhat of a novelty and, according marketing agency Archrival, most college students either don't know how or don't care to scan the codes to see the content advertised.

Speaking for myself I have little interest in scanning any QR codes when I'm on the street.

How do you interact with them?

Are you an avid scanner or do you shun them?

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Here's the kind of news that makes me pleased to wake in the morning.

While I understand the game that the President is playing is focused on his second term he could do worse than listen to the Attourneys General from New York and Delaware.

Immunity from prosecution for the wrongs committed during the housing boom and bust will only embolden the banks to pursue more risk-intensive activities.

As when educating a child you have to be firm when dispensing punishment; show frailty or weakness and they will take advantage faster you can say $25 billion.

Sometimes I wonder how it is that The Wire has never been released here in Brazil.

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For all those gamers that stand in opposition to SOPA and PIPA.

For all those gamers who stand for First Amendment protection of videogames.

For all those gamers who want to be heard.
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