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Latest deeds of the Maven. Things are getting downright diplomatic.

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The Newest session updates. Large battles take time. What can I say?

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Latest Adventures

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The latest of many updates to our Steampunk Aeranos campaign.

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Our new Sandbox Aeranos Campaign! Enjoy the updates, and let us know if you're liking what you read. We're enjoying creating the story so far.

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Kevin Dawson commented on a post on Blogger.
It's a dinosaur!! Not sure I pictured a Tritop, but cool nonetheless. :)


In an effort to create more warrior techniques for Aeranos, I'm interested in getting your ideas of cool tricks and abilities you see a fighter using in combat. Think of these as killer combos in a fighting video game, or flashy maneuvers for interesting effect. Don't worry too much about the rules of the move, just give me ideas, and hopefully the mechanics will follow.
Here's a few to get the ball rolling…
A Giant Among the Waves
(Great Weapons, Level 5)
You handle your heavy weapon with an ease and grace that threatens all who face you, creating a wall of death sane opponent's cringe from.

When you attack, all within melee reach must pass a Speed Test vs. your attack test or fall back 5 feet and take a -2 to all their actions for the turn. Those that fail by 5 or more actually fall prone.
Death's Shadow
(All Melee, Level 5)
You are a fearsome sight and your weapon seems eager to taste the blood of your foe. It's hard for your opponent to take his eyes from it.

Choose one intelligent opponent. That opponent must pass a Mind Test 15 fear effect or suffer a -2 to actions while you are within 10' and wielding your weapon.
Expert Disarm 1
(All Melee, Level 1)
You are versed in the methods of divesting foes of their weapons.

Successful attack requires Speed Test 14 or target loses grip on the weapon and is disarmed.
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