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Anja Austermann
software engineer, robot whisperer and legal alien in Japan
software engineer, robot whisperer and legal alien in Japan


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Very interesting writing advice. Hearing this for the first time but it really seems to make sense.
Writing advice on varying your sentence length to make your writing musical from Gary Provost.

Whether you're writing as part of your regular writing schedule, or taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, here's something to consider.

Writing that has sentences in a variety of lengths is more interesting. The length of the sentence changes the cadence of the writing. You must make your writing sound interesting for the reader.

Make your writing musical as well as magical.

#amwriting #writing #NaNoWriMo

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A number of people have asked me about kitten updates... :) I wasn't aware that I hadn't shared the link here:

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I got two new family members this weekend! One step closer to becoming a crazy cat lady... ;-)
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Some interesting insights... I guess the results are quite culture/country-dependent, though.

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I guess, I'll be travelling to Sasebo this summer... ;-)

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Hehe... :)

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3D buildings in Japan... :)
Google の製品における、小さな改善を紹介するコーナー、略して #小さな改善 です。

本日より Google マップで、より多くの建物が 3D で立体的に表示されるようになりました。

モバイル用の Google マップアプリでは 2 本指をピースサインのようにして、画面を上方向にスワイプすると角度が変化し、街が 3D で表示されます。

#小さな改善 Google マップ 3D 表示
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This is a really interesting approach to localization/mapping using two robots with different capabilities. The ground robot uses 3D depth images to build a map of its environment, which is then augmented by camera images, taken by a second, flying robot. 
Here, another video demonstration of our recent IROS'13 paper about mutual localization between a flying robot and a ground robot using monocular dense reconstruction, developed by +Christian Forster, Matia Pizzoli, and myself.
Air Ground Localization and Map Augmentation Using Monocular Dense Reconstruction

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Origami from hell

A colleague ruined my weekend with this... ;-)  Don't try it at home! If you must, here's the instruction: 

... I warned you!

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Please don't send me notifications for your public posts, unless you are actually trying to reach me personally or I have asked you to be notified / subscribed to your page / interacted with you on previous, related posts, etc.

Thank you!
Sharing your posts with your circles and in Public?

When you share something, please don’t notify anyone unless you know them personally and are sure that they don’t mind. 

Constantly notifying people about your posts is spamming: The people who are interested can place you in a circle and subscribe to your posts.

How to do it: When sharing a post, you check the box with "Send also email to...". The people in those circles you have tagged in the posts' share box get a notification in the little red box and an email about it. It's basically the same thing that happens if you individually +-mention someone, but to a larger audience.

When you have 100 or more profiles / Pages in the circle or circles you "Send email to", they only get the red box notification, not the email.

People who are not on  Google+ but you have them in your circles as an email -address, always get the email.

Posting to Public and Notifying only certain people or circles:

Share a post to Public, add only those circles you'd like to notify, tick the box and that's it! :-)

Now you have a post that anyone can see + you have notified only the persons and / or the circles you wanted. You can also share a post like this with yourself: If you have created an empty circle for "Bookmarks", you can add that circle to the share box and will see the post any time in that circles' stream.

Remember however, if you notify users about things that: 

1) aren't all that relevant or interesting to them
2) are seemingly every post you write
3) are about whatever, but they aren't following you back
4) are your family etc photos (same goes for tagging people!)

- Could I kindly suggest that you are actually spamming them, and you are heading for a muting or even a blocking.
You might ask who in your circles would like to receive notifications of your posts when on certain topic.

Think twice before notifying anyone, please.

Read more about the notifications and controls & see the screenshots:

#Notifications   #Spam   #Googleplustips   #Jaanatip   #Plushelp  
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