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I love big cats yes they kill to live but that's just Nature... Human nature is the problem, it's Killing the Earth... 
One of the biggest impacts that animal lovers can have is to read articles and guide the conversation when it happens. This is how we do it:

1. Set up google alerts for words like tigers, cubs, lions, zoo, circus, fur, etc.

2. Sort through the results daily and find the ones that are really about cats and not Tiger Woods, the Detroit Lions, etc. and read the articles.

3. Join the conversation and steer it in the right direction. ie: explain why people shouldn’t attend circuses that use animals, or wear real fur or how having your picture made with a cub results in lions and tigers being over bred for that purpose, exploited and then discarded or warehoused.

Don’t bother getting into debates with the animal abusers and don’t make it personal. Just deliver the facts so that people who don’t know the issue can understand what they can do to end the abuse.

Everything you need to know about the issues and what to say is here:

Each person who learns about the issues is one step closer to getting laws passed that will end the abuse. YOU are a key player in this effort.

This is Bengali Tiger
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