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After learning the basics of stacking from @Shengky, I have practiced and invented techniques for stacking. All things in this document are from my experience.
Some of the stuff may overlap with other guides online, which I have never read.

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After learning the basics of stacking from @Shengky, I have practiced and invented techniques for stacking. All things in this document are from my experience.
Some of the stuff may overlap with other guides online, which I have never read.

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The checkpoints of AS-09-LIMA-13 in the #Interitus   anomaly have been fraught with numerous ENL & RES spoofers making & clearing blocking links, even taking control of anchor portals for legitimate players to make the fielding links. This is due to the knowledge attained in the Beijing anomaly of MU scored by spoofers being negated from the final score. Therefore spoofers have been actively creating & clearing blocking links, which is often as big (if not an even bigger task) than the actual field creation itself.

We have attached several logs and reports in this statement, and we have endeavoured to be as thorough as we can in order to show the extent of the spoofing activities by players from both factions during the Interitus anomaly. 

These incidents have caused a lot of unhappiness amongst legitimate players on both sides, with both factions’ agents feeling like their efforts of planning, travelling, farming keys and clearing links are futile when a spoofer can negate it within minutes. On the other hand, legitimate players who made the fields are sullied by having all their achievements cast into doubt, in addition to facing questions about their true ability to win an anomaly without the interference of the spoofers.
Unfortunately, Interitus has shown that certain elements within the Singapore and Malaysian ENL & RES will not hesitate to use any means necessary to win the competition, and their actions have inevitably put Niantic in a rather poor light.

Ultimately, such actions are an insult to the efforts of the players of both factions who put in the hard work to compete fairly and legitimately.

We hope that NIA would kindly look into this matter and come to a decision that is fair and equitable to the legitimate players within both factions. 

Yours sincerely,
From Singapore:
AlextheShocked (ENL: Moderator) +Alex Vu Quang Vinh 
0dysseus (RES: Moderator) +Shang Yen See
Rhodenbarr (RES: Moderator) +Bernie Rhodenbarr 

P.S: The PDF version of this report is available at

+NIA Ops +Ingress +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller 

 Checkpoint 3 - Tuesday 3 June, 10 pm (all timings are at SGT / UTC+8)

Prior to Checkpoint 3, some RES blocking links at Tanjung Piai were made by RES agent SangNilaUtama, who captured two inaccessible portals on the southern islands of Singapore and subsequently linked to them from Tanjung Piai on 2 June 2014.

On 2nd Jun SGT, SangNilaUtama linked Tanjung Piai (,103.510482&z=16&pll=1.267919,103.508592) to the below-mentioned 2 portals:

Raffles Lighthouse: (On a state-protected island, access to approved personnel only once a year),103.754073&z=14&pll=1.160054,103.740621

Hantu Island: (an isolated island, not accessible by regular transportation),103.750726&z=14&pll=1.226661,103.751031

It is highly unlikely that SangNilaUtama travelled to these two islands via regular means at this time of the year simply to capture these two portals, not to mention that there are no regular ferry services to these locations. The inevitable conclusion is, therefore, that he could only have captured these portals by falsifying his GPS location.

In addition, ENL agents JYAJAMB000MZ & JIBAB000MZ were used to clear blocking links on Batam Island before other ENL agents on Kluang and Sibu were able to completed 5 large fields in time for Checkpoint 3.

JYAJAMB000MZ logs:
JIBAB000MZ logs:
Logs of other agents completing the fields:

JYAJAMB000MZ and JIBAB000MZ are known to be spoofers, and were belatedly banned by Niantic before Wednesday morning. 

Checkpoint 4 - Wednesday 4 June, 3am

5 minutes before the checkpoint, a blocking link by the Malaysian Resistance was cleared by a SG ENL player ToeSeven. ToeSeven is known to be a notorious spoofer who, similar to the B000MZ family, has never been seen in real life by anyone.

ToeSeven cleared a blocking link from Desaru Bridge (,104.031246&z=17&pll=1.534212,104.031246 )
on 4/6/2014, 02:55 hours.

Following which, VosPegasus and VosMinotaur proceeded to make a big control field with anchors at Menara Koperasi-1 Malaysia (,103.31592&z=17&pll=2.030036,103.31592 ) and History Stone (,104.198561&z=17&pll=1.343655,104.198561 )

VosPegasus and VosMinotaur are, as their names indicate, from the “Vos” family of spoofers, similar to the “B000MZ” family. There is a running joke in both factions that “Vos” is an acronym for “Very Obvious Spoofers”, as their travelling speeds between portals are often impossible to achieve by any human standards.

Checkpoint 12 - Thursday 5 June, 7pm

B00MZSHI0KSHI0K cleared and captured Sarimbun Scout Camp (,103.754025&z=13 ) on 5/6/2014, 18:34hrs. The agent proceeded to make a big control field out from that anchor. B00MZSHI0KSHI0K was created shortly after JYAJAMB000MZ & JIBAB000MZ were banned for their actions clearing links for the AS-09-LIMA-13 checkpoint @ 3 June 10pm (+8 GMT). The logs for those actions are attached in this document (

Checkpoint 18 - Saturday 7 June, 1am Part 1

At 7 June 00:39, Resistance agents from Peninsular Malaysia made a large field covering Singapore, a satellite city for the NIA Interitus anomaly, for the 0100 checkpoint of AS-09-LIMA-13. Within 2 minutes, 2 agents previously only seen in Singapore appeared on the scene to take down the anchor in Jakarta, Indonesia. It takes one hour and thirty-seven minutes to fly from Changi Airport, Singapore to the below-mentioned portal in Jakarta, Indonesia.
<B00MZSHI0KSHI0K> destroyed an L5 Resonator on Masji Jami At-Taqwa,106.5883&z=17&pll=-6.145219,106.5883
<KoenigseggAgera> destroyed an L5 Resonator on Masji Jami At-Taqwa,106.5883&z=17&pll=-6.145219,106.5883   ----
Checkpoint 18 - Saturday 1am Part 2

The Malaysian ENL players subsequently proceeded to create a big field encompassing portals in Peninsular Malaysia, East Malaysia, and Indonesia. We would like to point out that the clearing of blocking links were done by Singapore-based ENL player VawhrhRawhrh, who suddenly appeared in Malaysia to kill RES blocking links from Tanjung Piai before the ENL managed to create their big field just in time for the checkpoint.

7 June 2014
At 12:17am SGT (UTC +8) VawhrhRawhrh captured a portal near Tanjung Tembuan.
At 12:46am SGT (UTC+8) VawhrhRawhrh attacked a portal at Tanjung Piai, destroying 6 of the resonators.

The loss of 6 resonators resulted in links attached to the portal being destroyed. Google Maps clearly show that the travel time between these two portals is over 2 hours. It is physically impossible for agent VawhrhRawhrh to travel between these two portals within a quarter of that time period. (Google Maps link to travel time:,+Pengerang,+Johor,+Malaysia/Tanjung+Piai,+Kukup,+Johor,+Malaysia/@1.4908983,103.5283988,10z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x31da3221ddb0df6d:0xe28921600d35a36e!2m2!1d104.197814!2d1.3417487!1m5!1m1!1s0x31d0a9a2f96b0ebd:0xbf49df80c72d84da!2m2!1d103.510501!2d1.268727)

BOOBOOB000MZ was also used to clear a blocker at Guardian of Hell (on Batam Island, Indonesia) (,104.005655&z=17&pll=1.154591,104.005655 ) on 7/6/2014, 00:16 hours. This player was spotted playing in the east of Singapore after 6/6/2014 between 22:00 to 23:00 hours. There were no ferry services going to Batam after 22:00 hours; it was not humanly possible for this ENL player to travel from Singapore to Batam at such an hour.

Checkpoint 20 - Saturday 11am

One anchor of a big field created by ENL agents on 7 June 2014 was destroyed by RES agent AirGear. Many players from both factions have long suspected AirGear to be a spoofer. The portal later become an anchor for several big fields of Malaysian RES.

7 June 2014
At 11:15am SGT,  AirGear destroyed Fountain B.P Jemaluang. (Jalan Jemaluang, Jemaluang, 85200 Jementah, Johor, Malaysia),103.875395&z=15&pll=2.271112,103.855277  
This agent has been “spotted” capturing portals/making links and fields around the Johore area in Malaysia. However, none of the local ENL/RES agents has ever seen this player in real life.

Checkpoint 22 - Saturday 9pm

For Checkpoint 22, several players went to Mersing and Bintan in order to launch another big field. 

However, at 8:55 pm one of the intended anchors was attacked by ENL agent PellacisUlixes. Agent Purposely and laphard (both) from Singapore) and Agent Cass from JB, Malaysia were there defending the anchor; they did a quick search in the area for the ENL agent and found no one.

At that same moment, ENL agent B000MZSHI0KSHI0K was attacking one of the anchors on Bintan Island, Indonesia. As explained previously, this agent is one of the “B000MZ” spoofer family originating from Singapore. B000MZSHI0KSHI0K took down 5 layers of field that were successfully created and prevented further layers from going up. This anchor has no more ferry going in at that hour.

Within 3 minutes,  B000MZSHI0KSHI0K appeared at a backup anchor on Bintan Island.

On both occasions, RES agents in the area saw no one.

Checkpoint 23 - Sunday 2am

Singapore Resistance agents built a 17-layered field within Singapore, totaling over 1 million mind units. The Northern and Western anchors of these fields were quickly destroyed by two ENL agents.

KoenigseggAgera attacked the portal “Kranji World War 2 Landing Site 4” at approximately 2:33 am.,103.710568&pll=1.446205,103.710568&z=19

The portal in question is in a remote, uninhabited agricultural area of Singapore and is found at the dead-end of a road.  There is only one way to enter this site to get within range of the portal. Agents Azureth and Golro were stationed next to this portal, an anchor point for the multi-stack field, in anticipation of potential spoofing activities. As they were waiting for clearance to return back to the team rendezvous point, the portal was jarvised by KoenigseggAgera in front of their eyes, even though there was no other human presence in the area.  

The above-mentioned IGN KoenigseggAgera has been spotted spoofing on various occasions. This agent was also involved in destroying the anchor for the RES field during Checkpoint 18 (See Section: Checkpoint 18 - Saturday 1am Part 1).

In addition, the ENL IGN ABNNDCPJHJ appeared at the portal “Warrior Deity” (,103.688566&pll=1.370858,103.688566&z=19) and captured it at approximately 12:52 am (UTC+8) on June 08, 2014. 

The portal in question is in a remote area of Singapore and located next to a set of cemeteries, where there is a completely clear and unobstructed view of the surroundings.  There is no way to attack or capture this portal without being seen.  Agents Azureth and Golro rushed to this portal as it was being attacked, since they have long suspected this IGN of spoofing and they just happened to be driving by after leaving the site of the previous anchor portal (which was attacked by a different spoofer).  Again, there was no other human presence in the surrounding area.

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Hi~~~ AlexTheShocked reporting. Thanks for the invite 

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OPS Green Natural Xmas Tree

When the Singapore Enlightened (SG ENL) was busy preparing for OPS Kuih Lapis to support #13MAGNUS, the Singapore Resistance (SG RES) proposed to make an X-faction Xmas Tree. Many long-time and active SG ENL players were not invited to their event.
After the success of OPS Kuih Lapis and the celebration of Jarvis’ Return, SG ENL took a look at SG RES’ plan for the Xmas tree and found it unappealing: high in complexity and low in aesthetic aspect. Since there are ENL players already signed up for the event, we as a community decided not to interfere with the SG RES’ tree.
However, since it was supposed to be the first Ingress art work in #Singapore, we don’t want to leave a bad first impression about Singapore-made art. Hence, we decided to make our own Xmas Tree.

The OPS:
With our experience through previous OPS: OPS Dragon Tattoo (May 2013), OPS Tiger Tattoo (Jun 2013), OPS Spider Tattoo (Aug 2013, featured in Ingress Report EP21), OPS Lighthouse (Nov 2013), and OPS Kuih Lapis (15 Dec 2013), this OPS Green Natural Xmas Tree was executed very quickly. The plan was drawn in 1 hour, manpower was sourced in 1 day, key farming & exchanging + field preparing took 2 days, and on-the-day execution was done in 30 mins.
The tree was named Green Natural Xmas Tree because it’s green (obvious), it covers the Nature Reservoirs in the heart of Singapore, and it’s a Xmas Tree (what else?). The Portal at the top of the tree is a Reindeer art work, which is a lucky portal for our Xmas tree. Simple and meaningful, the Tree is our way to say Merry Christmas to everyone :)

Roll of honour:
Planner: +Alex Vu Quang Vinh. MVP: +William Eng. Contributors: +delbert lee +Jonathan Cheong +Albert Ang +Julien Ho +Napes Uber +Abhishek Banginwar +sean Tan +Luchen Cao +goh ser ming +Roy Kartadinata +Shao Wei Chua +Gabriel Shadowhawk +Justin Tan +May Low +Mark Wee +Gail Wang +Jeremy Cheong +Jeremy Tan +Shirlene Weng +Matthew Cheong 
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Ubin island Special Task Force

During #OPS Kuih Lapis 15 Dec 2013, a RES agent in Mersing (Malaysia) made a long link to Pulau Ubin Island (Singapore), blocking progression of the mega stacked fields in South East Asia. 2 Singaporean agents +GX Lian and +Mark Wee, who was doing their main task in the West of Singapore for the said OPS, volunteered to go to Ubin Island, which is in the East of Singapore, to respond to the emergency.
After a cab ride, a ferry ride (pictured), and a 3.2km walk (pictured), they successfully cleared the obstructing link, enabling progression of the mega fields.
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