Quick update! We have a brand new Google+ page setup. If you have a moment check it out at the following link and be sure to click the "Add to circles" button: https://plus.google.com/112757285594505474874. Thanks!


Angry Birds on Google+ here we come! http://angrybir.de/qElQu7

Google+ is a little confusing and I'm still learning it as well. I think what we should all do is:

1. +1 this comment below and I'll add you to the ABN circle. I will then invite you through the Teamwork episode (be aware, I don't think these notifications are working currently)

2. Now on your profile create your own "Angry Birds" or "AngryBirdsNest" circle <- I'm flattered

3. Now click the +XX (XX represents the number of people who have +1'ed this comment) link below the +1 button add people to your Angry Birds circle. To add people:

a) Mouse over their name
b) Now hover over "Add to Circle" then select your AB circle.

Quick update:

- 3 star walkthroughs posted for Teamwork levels: http://angrybir.de/p58OP1
- Location of all the Chrome Dimension logos: http://angrybir.de/ixxsrv
- Control guide: http://angrybir.de/lBCoW4
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