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Love is the the translator of the language of life. Learn it, speak it, teach it, so all may understand. - Robert S. LeGendre @windowsot

It's not only Chinese speakers who have a math(s)-learning advantage; Turkish speakers too. h/t @gitagovinda

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Toronto Welcomes the World for the Ninth World PR Forum

The who's who of Communications and PR professionals from around the world will gather in Canada's most multicultural city to discuss Communication Across Cultures.

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Share your information, thoughts and ideas in this group in regards to topics such as * global marketing & advertising, * international telecommunication and * international translation!

Please note: this forum is NOT meant to promote your services, but rather to share useful articles & resources. Posts that promote your services will be REMOVED. Repeated advertisements will result in a ban.

Thank you for keeping this group informative and relevant!

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Man wakes up from coma able to speak an entirely different language

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The Guardian: What happens in your brain when you learn a Great review of the latest research.

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Why #translation matters: TED speakers show appreciation for volunteers who amplify ideas across language barriers

Seen at a church in #Toronto: #church service offering #translation into multiple languages!

Are you planning to export your products & services? Good quality #translation matters! Put our 21 years of experience to work for you!
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