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21st Century Educational Leader
21st Century Educational Leader

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Hope & Purpose - Catholic Schools in the 21st Century
Hope and Purpose: Revisiting
the U.S. Bishops' Statement: Renewing Our Commitment to Catholic Elementary and
Secondary Schools in the Third Millennium by Kenneth J. Willers      Challenged
by the present, while peering into the future, for some, might produ...

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NCEA2017 'TED' Chat: Forget Everything You Learned in School
“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  -Einstein The  need  for 21st Century Learning may not be so '21st Century.' --I would say, it has been rediscovered a...

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School Effectiveness? My Take on it!
What is my “take” school effectiveness? In my humble opinion, which has taken a number of years to form, I believe, effective schools must adhere to four guiding principles: Effective schools must 1) listen to and engage parents and teachers; 2) communicate...

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Implementing Mobile Technology without a Single Mandate
“Innovation is the distinction between a leader and a follower.”  – Steve Jobs How did the Madeleine achieve overwhelming success implementing mobile technology with its staff and students in such a short period of time? Here's the success story.   The Cata...

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What is 21st Century Learning? Let's ask the students.
What is 21st Century Learning? Students Respond, "That's the wrong question... The video was commissioned by team at Picaboo Yearbooks. The video was produced and directed by the students of the Madeleine.

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What/Who is 21st Century Learning?
What/Who is 21 st  Century Learning?  - by Ken Willers Did you know, that today’s Kindergarteners will retire around the year 2074? Astonishing to think, huh? But, it serves as a stark reminder that we, as educators, are called to prepare today’s five-year-...

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How Students and Teachers Designed 21st Century Classrooms
Students help revitalize and reinvigorate classrooms for 2015 Light, height, air. These tiny entities are the agents of change coming to the Madeleine classrooms in Fall 2015 that will transform and improve the way that our students learn. And the students ...

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21st Century Educational Leadership: Creating a Culture of Collaborative Decision-Making
Agree to Disagree  by Ken Willers         O nce Upon A Time , there were three tailors, who were very dedicated to making clothes. They prided themselves on how well they got along with each other because they agreed never to disagree.              One day ...

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EdTech Innovation and the Role of Students
Ed Tech Innovation must engage and inspire student-directed learning and result in some ‘meaningful’ or value-oriented outcome.  When a student’s experience of an Ed Tech product results in creating something purposeful the following happens:  skills are ac...

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Catholic School's Week Homily by Ken Willers
Good Morning! The words of the prophet Jeremiah this
morning: Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Before you were born I dedicated you, to be a prophet to the nations. Wow…think about that boys and girls… Before you were born, God knew you —God dedi...
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