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An old piece I did of Gwar for the Punk Magazine Mass Movement out of the UK. I always liked this one. Not a huge fan of Gwar's music, but I loved the spectacle they created on stage and their costumes. 

Can anyone point me to good examples of system neutral books? Or tell me what the best way to do system neutral would be for most gamers? 

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I love everything about this art. 
Check out the website in the pic for more.
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Because I have absolutely no clue, what's the benefit of publishing a game under the open game license as opposed to just creating your own RPG without using the open game license?

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Oh my....I have a lot of reading to do.
Thank you +Chris Stieha​. I owe you big time. 

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Troll Punks lunch doodle sketch

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Thank you +Luis López​ for reminding me of this post! I used to contribute weekly to the Micro Maps group, but life has a way of getting in the way and at some point I stopped. But it's fun to look back at some of the ideas that I, as well as so many other creative folks, came up with. If you have time, I highly recommend looking through the posts. There are some great maps on there. 
So, I haven't posted for the last two weeks, very busy with work. I took the last two themes of #star and #incubator for this set of #maps. And yeah it's not Monday, but here's my #micromapmonday post on a Saturday.

When the Litchhult began to invade earth, young Edmé Benoit knew he had to learn all he could to rescue as many humans from what would no doubt be slavery of the entire human race.

Edmé spent his life with The Black Arm, a group of humans bent on escaping the scourge of the Litchhult. Edmé was a young genius, and developed a computer that could house the memories, personalities and essence of humans.

Each member of The Black Arm was housed, along with as many humans as they could collect, in this computer. Slowly they built ships to house these collections, with the hope they could launch them and settle a new planet. These collections would be infused into individual fetuses, and grown over the trip to a new planet/solar system, bringing back to life people who had not survived the onslaught of the Litchhult.

During an epidemic, where a vial of smallpox was introduced to the Litchhult race and nearly eradicated them, the last of Edmé's team launched the only ship they could. The smallpox had dealt a devastating blow to the Litchhult, but had also killed many more humans.

Edmé was among those who perished, but his lifeforce had been saved and input into one of the fetuses on the ship.

The ship was named L'oiseau Bleu (The Blue Bird) which was Edmé's nick name.

The ship has just reached Le Petit Système D'étoiles, The Small Star System , with hopes of landing on P-147-OWL, and restarting the human race.

L'oiseau Bleu - The Blue Bird
A: The main deck for the seven man crew
B: The Incubators, where all the humans are being grown to restart the human race on P-147-OWL
C: Elevators to other levels of the ship; Engine Room, Cold Storage, Dry Storage, etc. This area also holds two life boats, and the crews living quarters. Blue blocks are the crew members living quarters. Orange Block is the kitchen area.
Yellow Block is the rec area, which holds exercise equipment, game equipment, library, etc.
D: Interstellar Engine
E: Planetary Engines

Le Petit Système D'étoiles, The Small Star System
F: Unnamed Red Planet, very close to S-7-LSS. No moons orbit the planet.
G: Unnamed Green Planet, crew believes the planet to be similar to Venus. Planet has two moons.
H: Unnamed Blue Planet, crew believes planet is similar to earth, but much hotter, and likely would not support human life. Planet had 13 moons.
S-7-LSS: Life Supporting Star. This is a very young star. Four planets orbit this star.
L'herbe Comète: The Grass Comet, named for the grass colored streak behind it.
Le Météore Étranger: The Alien Meteor, which is in an odd orbit around S-7-LSS
P-147-OWL: The most earth like planet in Le Petit Système D'étoiles. There are high hopes that this planet will soon be the home for the last of the human race. Planet has two moons.

Maps and short story ©2015 Jethro D. Wall

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Back from vacation.
Sketching/Doodling during
my lunch break at work.
Ideas are forming.


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Dude. The 60s were friggin weird. I love it. 

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First appearance of Cookie Monster. He had some mighty chompers back then.
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