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Falcon, cyclops rocks and a background work in progress
We’re low on internet at the moment so I’m using references from my hard drive, the bird I think is a falcon? If anyone can identify that would be rad. Also some rocks…a cyclops! And a work in progress background. :D  

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Meowser for tijjums
A friend of mine tijit , has been super kewl and been propagating my art about on tumblr so here's your request tijjums, Meowser! I can't believe that Meowser is Nintendo canon. Can't wait to play that game too, one day i'll own a wiiu. :D warning: contains...

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kangaroo guns
I take for granted kangaroos, growing up with their mascot identity attached to australia. But they've got rad guns and used to be bipedal before they evolved the large tail/leg. I like em. Plus tank girl roos are also rad. Here's the reference roos.

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RedFang new years painting
Was drinking little for new years, listening to redfang and painting with my little sister. I'm wearing a mastodon shirt with the reverse colours, I subconsciously blame that.  There's a wallpaper here for those that are keen!~ Sabre-tooth tiger skulls are ...

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Impala sketch
Doodling some Impala thingies, not really correct proportions, but was fun.

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Asterix Background painting practice
Got a new monitor for christmas, went from an old tv that had a monitor port to a gorgeous 27”. It’s barely got any edges and looks like it’s floating, I’m a spoiled human bean <3 Thanks Beeeen! Also Ben said the picture isn’t done yet…Guess I might be work...

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Sharkjump Studio logo practice
I asked my friends at sharkjumpstudios if I could play around with their logo, I used the original and played around with the forms and shapes for practice, thanks for letting me use and post this Sharkjump. <3 Test chamber is my fav <3

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Crocodiles with smiles.
A sketch for someone that I've been watching on tumblr  for a while, her crocodilians are super adorbs.

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Tree sprite garden
An unfinished doodles that I’d might get back to at some point, inspired by some of the forest sprites posts and an old piece of mine. Totally uninspiring title.

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A request from my little sister
My little sister asked me to draw her character Gravity today, he’s a teenager demon hound with a disdain for life in general, my sister is 14 such a cutey-per-tootie. 
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