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Nice idea :)
Soundtrack of the Year 2017 ➡️Comments

Hey everybody, I prepare my Soundtrack of the year. This year was full of amazing people so I wanna know:

What is YOUR song of 2018?

Put them in the comments below and join me (and others) in my daily life 2018 with your Song

(Maybe I do something more with them, But I still think about it😋)

Put it in the comments below ⬇️please


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And the (possibly final) anomaly wins are now 15 ENL 13 RES

For "Modern-ish style anomalies with multiple sites that occurred on 1 or more weekends." I've bolded what I think qualifes and the score is 9 ENL 9 RES

When Ingress Prime launches I'll reset my scoreboard by archiving these scores and start clean, if we get a Q1 anomaly on Ingress Classic we'll add to this.

ENL (15)
Battle for Cahokia
Ingressdays (aka Cross Plains 1)
Saveklue (#2)
Aegis Nova
Via Noir
FateOfThe13: 2017 Niantic Shard Manifestation Event, 13Magnus Shards.
#13MAGNUSREAWAKENS (+ Camp Navarro and Agent Olympiad)

RES (13)
SaveKlue (#1)
Operation Juice Club
Recursion (+Dice)
Interitus (+Initio and Cross Plains 2)
Via Lux

Special Mentions of partially private events:
ENL (3)
UCLA XM Warp Break Event (
Google Campus Employee Anomaly
OP: Golden Bear (

RES (0)

(Datums from )

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+Niantic Project +Niantic +NIA Ops +Andrew Krug +John Hanke could you please clarify the statement in your press release "While the global game board will reset as part of the new storyline, current Agents will retain all of their current in-game progression, level and items in Ingress Prime." Are you planning to grey all portals?

If this is the case, it is very sad. So many agents have spent so much time and money getting these portals to begin with. It is the middle of winter and many are completely inaccessible. So many of these agents have climbed mountains, used satellite modems, rented airplanes, spent so much money and so much time claiming these portals, that to take them away would be devastating. It is one thing to have an agent of the opposite faction make the trek, that is the game, but to have ALL your hard work taken away in an instant would be game ending.

I have been contacted by many agents over this that have stated they will quit if this happens. Niantic is great at CalvinBall and we have grown to expect it in the game, however, a complete reset of everything to grey is too much. It completely kills the trust that agents have for Ingress and Niantic. Why bother to play and spend thousands of dollars, if Niantic may reset it at anytime.

I urge to rethink this, please. We are excited for Ingress Prime, but not at the loss of everything we have done.

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A Recipe: Layered London Cake

Executive Chefs: Veracruz (Tiramisu Layer Stacking PhD) and sessha (Cake Expert & Connoisseur)
Kitchen Director & Head Chef: Trminator (Masterfully op-ing remotely from Germany, which is probably for the best, as we’re too scared to find out what damage a cyborg assassin could do with a hand whisk.)
Sommelier: TurkishClottedCream (Michelin star addict and vampire chef summoned for daytime duty)
Potwasher, former kitchen lackey: piccalilli (Global No.1 Recharger and essential to keeping the kitchen tidy)

Chef de Partie ...err… part-key: gideonhallett (Global No.1 Glyph Points, Expert in fine beers, and generous soul who lent us his L8 Farm Kitchen as a cake laboratory and supplied hard to procure keys. We flipped a lot of Green 8s!)

This complex and delicious cake is the perfect way to make use of the most portal dense area of central London. However be warned that it is an ambitious endeavour, and the cake itself is not the soft and squishy type! Where most layer cakes can easily collapse at a vulnerable anchor while baking, this cake’s structure is held up with 3 fortified spines for maximum flavour.

Servings: 54 Layers, 173,696 MU

66 Portals
191 Keys
~70 ADA
Unwitting Resistance Players (can be substituted with ADAs): at least 3
Lots of Resonators
A pinch of bursters (for a London bake, you will likely need more ADAs than bursters)

Planning time: the number of new grey hairs on Muriel’s head multiplied by minutes
Cooking time: 3 hours (thanks for not disturbing, RES)


(Optional) The night before, check that all key ingredients are in the cupboard. Where necessary, borrow sugar and keys from the neighbours in case those portals aren’t open on the weekend. Fully deploy and clear links in restricted areas as needed.

1. Preheat the alarm clock to 5:30-6 am

2. Divide the key mixture evenly between 3 chefs. Each chef should have 2 keys to every portal of the spine on their right (facing in towards the middle).

3. Survey the baking area for any impurities and unwanted links. Make liberal use of ADAs and bursters in the absence of unwitting Resistance players. Bicycles and electric whisks are recommended for speed.

4. Begin baking layers. Rhythm and consistency is very important in this step to ensure an even bake, and this is where the direction of the Executive Chef truly shines. When coordinated correctly, each chef takes turns in making consecutively bigger layers and everyone shares in the MU gain.

5. Once a big layer is complete, construct the smaller inner layers as extra topping, and fortify the portal with generous lashing of port or sherry-coloured shields.

6. Serve and enjoy immediately. Before the Resistance arrive.


(Author: TurkishClottedCream)
5 Photos - View album

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[English below]

Apud Munichen: bei den Mönchen

Die Aufgaben eines Mönches umfassen hauptsächlich beten, fasten und Bier trinken. Als Nicht-Mönche wollten wir ihnen zumindest im letzten Punkte nacheifern und luden Freunde aus nah und fern ein, um uns Gesellschaft zu leisten.
Viele folgten unserem Aufruf und reisten an den Ort, der in früher Zeit von Mönchen gegründet wurde. Apud Munichen.

Am Samstag den 07.10.17 war es endlich soweit, ca. 150 Enlightened Spieler aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz nicht zu vergessen einer aus Italien (den wollten wir jetzt nicht unterschlagen) versammelten sich in München um gemeinsam die Stadt etwas grüner zu machen.
Wir trafen uns um 10:00 Uhr unweit des Isartors zum fröhlichen Händeschütteln und obligatorischen Gruppenfoto. Nach dem Pflichtteil schwärmten die Teams in ihre Spielgebiete aus und begannen, das übermächtige blau zu beseitigen und durch anmutiges grün zu ersetzen. Der Anstieg erleuchteter Level 8 Portale war sehr schnell zu beobachten und erreichte mit über 1800 Stück seinen Höhepunkt gegen 18:30 Uhr.
Zum Abschluß des Tages feierten alle gemeinsam in einer Bar mit Bier, Cocktails und einer kleinen Verlosung.

Wir bedanken uns noch einmal recht herzlich bei allen Teilnehmern für den Spaß und die Anwesenheit.

Apud Munichen: Among the monks

The chores of a monk mainly include praying, fasting and drinking beer. As non-monks we wanted to try to be equal to them in the last point, and invited friends from far and near to join us. Our call was followed by many and they traveled to the place, which was founded in the early days by monks. Apud Munichen.

On Saturday, 07.10.17 about 150 Enlightened players from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, not to forget the one from Italy, gathered to shine Munich in Enlightened green.
We met at 10:00 near the Isartor for a happy handshake and the obligatory group photo. Afterwards the teams swarmed into their playing areas and began to remove the overpowering blue and replace it with graceful green. The rise of enlightened Level 8 portals was very fast to observe and reached its peak at over 1800 around 18:30.
The end of the day was celebrated with beer, cocktails and a raffle.

We would like to thank all participants for the fun and the attendance.

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Last week, I put the call out to our network of rechargers. I asked them why they recharge. I asked them what stories they had for us. I asked them to put aside the veil of operational secrecy and talk to the world about our recharge rooms.

I expected a few stories and a handful of pictures. I got well over 100, in many languages (and my apologies for Google Translate). It’s hard finding a representative sample, and in the end I feel like a child on Christmas Day sitting in the middle of shredded wrapping paper. Because that’s what these stories are -- gifts from one Enlightened to the entire faction. Each story is a reminder of the fact that we’re family. Each story is a symbol of the trust we put in each other. Each story makes me happy.

I was going to include stats in this post. We track a bunch of data -- the number of agents who register, of course; average XM recharged, because that's part of the commitment we made to Niantic; the number of keys we moved. I have more -- but reading these stories, I realized that the point isn’t really how seriously we take recharge, or how effective it is.

The point is that we do this together.

This is who we are. This is why we recharge. This is why we are family.

There are more stories. If you have one, make your own post. Be heard.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

#RechargeIsFamily #MyIngressFamily

+John Hanke +Andrew Krug +Sarah New +Jennifer Pisano +Meredith +NIA Ops

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There should be no space for violence anywhere, but violence within a game, against minors???
Finishing work and heading out for a long walk, skipping college to go break that BAF, travelling long distances with buddies and fighting over who would get uniques...these were the highlights of a GAME called Ingress. That was back when people just considered it a game.

Reading through previous responses to various AMAs and posts that reference physical assaults, we found NIA's and other representative's suggestions to range between reporting to local authority and reporting to NIA. This time we're trying both.

What would be the response, if I tell you that there are 2 wonderful agents, L16 @Captsaxena (+Rohit Saxena) and L14 @Fluffymonster (+Rachit Saxena) (Playing since the beginning of Ingress), who have frequent hostile communications on COMM repeatedly with people from same and opposite faction. Now COMM messages can be blocked, but what will we do when they track us using our activity and physically assault us over breaking their portals ?
A number of our agents have been victims to the brutality of these senior agents one of whom even has a kid near our age. They didn't even shy away from threatening a 14yr old kid with a baseball bat and then chasing after the agents in a car. We have posted against them multiple times.
Most recently on 24th September 2017, another one of our agents was snatched out of a public vehicle and slapped across the face for breaking some portals by +fluffymonster just a day after his brother +captsaxena had threatened the same agent in front of 20+ agents of both factions.
An FIR against both the agents has been lodged for aggravated assault and death threats with the testaments of the accompanying agent and the Public Vehicle driver.
We are asking on behalf of both the factions, for action to be taken against these 2 agents by terminating their accounts. Their tyranny has gone on long enough. It's about time that NIA showed that they care about the safety of their agents.
+NIA Ops +John Hanke +Andrew Krug +H. Richard Loeb +Haerang Dong +Pooja Srinivas

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I know, I have shared a lot of houston posts today, but still ... this one sums all the others up, nicely. :)
That hotel block doesn't materialize out of nowhere, someone negotiated the rates, number of nights, and rooms offered, signed a contract, and agreed to be on the hook if the block didn't sell.

That swag didn't just show up one day, someone organized the artwork submissions, paid deposits on items, ran a store, ordered everything, organized everything and delivered it to the players.

The faction after party wasn't spontaneous. Someone researched venues, negotiated prices, times, and food and drink options, signed a contract, put money down, fund raised, paid for decorations, and organized the party.

The snacks and water in the trunk wasn't there this whole time, someone put up their own cash to buy all 500 bottles of water and 15 boxes of rice crispy treats, then struggled to get it all in their car (personal experience).

None of what happens on an anomaly weekend just happens. Anomalies become a POC's second unpaid job. They don't get enough sleep during those weeks and months leading up to the anomaly, other parts of their life take a back seat, they put their own money up for the good of their faction. I speak from personal POC experience on each of these points. I have put more money up for my faction than is really reasonable, but each time I've done so with secure knowledge that an anomaly would be coming to the city I was working with, and I'd be paid back. I know others who have done the same do so for the same reason.

I didn't think it was possible that Niantic could be so unaware of what goes into an anomaly at the POC level at this point, 4 years of anomalies later, but apparently this is a point that is still lost on Niantic. I won't lie, when Harvey hit I figured the anomaly would be cancelled quickly, and it may have made sense to do so at that time when so much uncertainty existed. But 4 weeks later, when the city has held a professional football game and asked repeatedly for conventions and other events to continue as scheduled, leaves me questioning what the reasoning really is, since it can't possibly be that Niantic is worried about the player's safety. If that were the case, Niantic wouldn't be prepared to endorse players being in the area with a clear field event.

As others have mentioned, imminent and ongoing natural threats in other countries have failed to convince Niantic to cancel anomalies. Typhoons and volcanoes were not enough to cancel. Even a Hurricane isn't really enough to cancel, since we'll apparently still see a clear field event.

If Niantic goes forward with this plan, it is a slap in the face to all POCs of both factions - I can't imagine anyone being willing to do everything we as POCs have been doing for years after this. I hope Niantic has thought this through. Considered all that POCs do to drive attendance at the anomalies that Niantic puts on. Hotel blocks, transportation options, after parties, swag, everything POCs do drives attendance.

Pulling an anomaly amid a crisis is one thing, but leaving POCs hanging for a month, and then pulling the anomaly sends a message that Niantic thinks faction organizers don't do anything beyond what Niantic can see, or if Niantic knows and appreciates what goes into all this planning, Niantic simply doesn't care.

#EXO5 #Houstonstrong #houstonisready #Istandwithhouston

+Andrew Krug +John Hanke +Ingress

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In response to this:

Niantic, please recognize the extreme amount of money, time, and effort that gets dumped into your event 5 minutes after you make the announcement. Your player base is networked in emergent ways that perhaps you don't fully understand without meaningful research.

We don't set up the anomaly over breakfast. As a POC, I've looked at a hotel reservation block praying that folks would fill it so that I wouldn't have to sell my car. I've dumped money hand over fist to support your events. I spend upwards of 30 hours a week in every quarter I'm involved as anomaly orga -- for free, owed to my love of the game.

I beg you to begin respecting our contributions. I understand that you didn't ask for this level of commitment, that our engagement is an unintended consequence of a game about changing the color of points of interest from blue to green and back again. It is time to take ownership of the entirety of what you've created, and shepherd your player base in recognition of the enormous amounts of water they carry.

Folks' money is on the line here. We don't have VC backing our calls. And yet it's our venues, our engagement with the tourism boards, our hotels, and our organizational capacity we willingly leverage on behalf of our commitment to this game.

These folks are your Vanguards. They aren't social media shills. They're the folks putting in time equivalent to a second job for the love of your game, and certainly to produce that hot social media goodness that fills your feeds with pictures and exciting stories.

That's us. It didn't happen over breakfast. If you don't already have a grasp on how this operates, it's time to spin up a focus group that isn't related to driving social media engagement, but instead focused on player experience across all emergent game types.

Don't leave Houston hanging after they've spent the last three months preparing. Houston wants our business. Let's give it to them.

+Ingress +Andrew Krug +John Hanke

#IStandwithHouston #HoustonStrong
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