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Helen Lein
Teaching, Training, Writing
Teaching, Training, Writing

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Schedule Mindfulness
We are bombarded with stressors on almost a constant basis. Both external and internal, these stressors have a profound affect on us - physically, psychologically, cognitively, and emotionally. Read more about stress at Dr. Weil. We have very little control...

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The Art Of Healing
"The most divine art is that of healing." Pythagoras What does it mean to heal? For most of us, healing is an external process - visiting someone who is an expert in the particular area in which we feel pain or discomfort. We put our bodies and hearts into ...

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Why You Should Start Chanting - And Keep on Doing It
Many Westerners are uncomfortable or embarrassed with the idea of chanting. I certainly was. I don't quite know what was troubling me; I could never actually name anything in particular. I could say that the reason that I didn't want to chant was that my si...
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