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My wife says I’m highly suggestible. She points out stuff all over our house that she recognizes hearing about on ad reads in the podcasts I listen to. So maybe this was inevitable, but I’ve lately started using an iPad Pro as my primary computer, even at…

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I have a note reminding myself why I to various things. For example, I wear glasses instead of contacts because while glasses are always about a two out of ten annoyance, I always forget that contacts start off at a one but go up to six over time. So I’d…

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Dear Apple, I’m sure you don’t know me, at least no more than any of your other millions of customers. I’m someone who cares deeply about reading, readers, publishing and ebooks. And I can’t help but notice that despite a solid effort with iBooks for five…

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I should have known better. I did this same dance with Google five years ago. I just upgraded my Microsoft Office 365 Personal account to Office 365 Business Premium. And when I say “upgrade,” I mean create a brand new Office 365 Business account and then…

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Evernote vs OmniFocus, Pinboard, Day One, Dropbox, Word, Excel… When last we left our intrepid blogger, I was using Evernote for pretty much everything. Despite Evernote’s amazing search and tagging, this got overwhelming. It got harder and harder for me…

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First off, I admit I haven’t finished reading the new revised edition of Getting Things Done, so this might well be covered there. But after reading up on contexts and perspectives with OmniFocus, I think I’ve finally come up with a framework for contexts…

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I tried on the Apple Watch. Here's what I thought.

Well, everyone else is doing one of these, so why not. I went to my local Apple Store this morning with my fiancee, and we got to try on Apple Watches to see if we really wanted them after all. I’m really glad I didn’t scrape together the money and…

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Be there or be triangular! Our first Taledancer hangout is tomorrow.

+Kathleen Dale and I will be fielding your questions about what we do and what Taledancer can do for authors who want to self-publish but would rather just write and let professionals handle the rest.
Re-shared to my own stream. Reminder! Hangout is tomorrow - circle the Taledancer page if you want to be invited!

Launch day! Half price sale! Feedback request! And a hangouts question...

Greetings, friends and fellow writing professionals! I'm delighted to announce that today is the launch of, a brand new novel preparation service. Our goal is to make your book stand above the crowd, leaving creative control in your hands. We're offering full editing, proofreading, cover design and ebook formatting design - everything you need to take your first draft to a finished, ready to self-publish ebook. Until June 8th, everything we offer is on half price, so this is a great time to get involved. 

I'd like to ask for feedback on the website. Is there anything we could have done better? I'm asking especially in the areas of navigability and clarity in terms of showing exactly what we offer. Do the menus make sense?

We're also going to schedule some regular Google+ hangouts. For the first one, we're going to introduce ourselves and our work, and take any questions that might come up - and ask for your feedback. In addition, one random attendee will receive a free book cover design!

To be invited to hangouts, just add the Taledancer Google+ page to your circles!

I'd also like to ask for your feedback regarding hangouts. I'd like to do them at least monthly, about an hour each, and I have some ideas for what their content could be.  We will also archive the recordings on our website, as resources for future authors.

I've listed some of my ideas - tell me what you think of them, and if you have any additional suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Story Brainstorming - Stuck? Crowdsource your ideas alongside a professional story consultant!

Deadly Questions Worldbuilding Workshop - A brutal process that has brought down more than one world in flames, only to rise again, much stronger. Can your world design stand up to editorial logic? Find out.

Deadly Questions Plotting Workshop - Similarly, plot structure is sometimes susceptible to a single, well-aimed interrogative arrow at its weakest point. WIll yours hold up?

Dramatic Blurb Readings - Submit your blurb or other marketing text ahead of time. Hear it read aloud dramatically, then open discussions to how it could be improved.

Dramatic Dialogue Readings - Submit a short piece of dialogue, which we'll use as if it were a script. See if it scans well when you hear it read aloud by other people, then have it discussed with an eye to improvement.

Can you think of any other ideas or workshops you'd like to see in a hangout? Thanks so much for your help! The Prompt and why I can't use OmniFocus On this week's "The Prompt" on the mighty 5by5 podcast network, Federico Viticci and Mike Hurley discussed using URL schemes to make and use advanced workflows in iOS. It's a great discussion, but what really got me thinking was Ticci pointing out that while Apple talks a big game about this being the "post-PC" e
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