11-11-11 is No Email Day! I cut the chain in 6.5 hours now! Looking forward to what I learn and can use as stepping stones to do this full time. (Also a little jittery - email addiction whithdrawl).

This shift is a lot bigger than just reclaiming some time, I believe we are at the dawn of a new way of communicating. Everytime a better type of communication emerges it helps drive a a synergy that increases value by levels of magnitude. (See pictures below.)

Just a few examples of how this will drive value creation are:

Having conversations asynchronously around the world without being restricted by the difference in time zones.

· Multiple party conversations that are slowed down a bit to allow people to consider their opinion and options more carefully – A little bit like playing chess games by mail.

· People must be more genuine and credible because the conversation is out there for everyone to see.

· Conversations where insights are made or important information is documented are now recorded, available, and searchable. This can help us to retain organizational intelligence.

Spawning ground for intersectional innovation (the Big One). People from all over the world can exchange ideas and allow the emergence of things that are entirely new.
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