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rachel ching
Japan is the dream! 🎌✨🇯🇵
Japan is the dream! 🎌✨🇯🇵

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Acne Horror
If you've read my previous blog posts, I'm sure you know that I've ranted a lot about my acne prone skin.  I complained, envied other people's flawless skin and at times, I felt depressed. Yes, its true. Here are some photos of my acne prone skin when it wa...

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Okay its been about 3 months since I've updated this baby. This post will just be general updates on what's been happening in my life. 1) My first project has started on site last month! I've been working on this project ever since I started working in Marc...

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Bangkok Trip 2014
After what seemed like ages, I'm back with a proper post. Lol. Melissa and I went on our much awaited trip to Bangkok last month. I really needed this. A 4D3N getaway! Gosh, it was super tiring. We didn't do much sight seeing, it was mainly a shopping trip ...

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20 facts about me
Here's a make up post for not blogging in a long time. Forgive me. An old OOTD. 20 facts about me: 1) I have acne prone skin - its at a very bad condition right now which leads me to fact #2 2) I fear being in a brightly lit room or anywhere that is bright ...

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3CE Travel Make-Up Brushes
Omg! I've neglected my blog for 2 months now! >< Nothing much has happened since then; work is same same, a new project to handle since last month, koibito is back from Melbourne, and I've been spending a lot of money shopping >< One of my purchases is the ...

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Goodies from Tokyo
Finally a blog post since ages! I have been so busy and tied up with other things that I totally forgot I have a blog lol. A quick update; 1) House renovation My parents are gonna get our house renovated. So, we had to packed all our things, threw loads awa...

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Tokyo Trip - Day 7
Day 7 - Shinjuku National Garden, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Depart to Malaysia This post is a brief combination of 2 days. Since we couldn't visit Shinjuku National Garden on Day 6, we went to visit the next day - it was super sunny surprisingly @.@ By the way, t...

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Tokyo Trip - Day 6
Day 6 - Shinjuku, Takadanobaba We had many plans for that day; Edo Castle, Shinjuku National Garden, and Yasukuni Shrine at Ichigaya.  BUT! Sadly it rained :( We couldn't do much outdoor tourist-ish stuff, so, we stayed indoors most of the time. Thank goodn...

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Tokyo Trip - Day 5
Day 5 - Disneyland, Maihama This was the day we went to Disneyland! We weren't crazy excited but we looked forward to it - it was our first time to Disneyland after all. We hoped to arrive at Maihama by 9am, but, we didn't wake up as early as planned. In th...

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Tokyo Trip - Day 4
Day 4 - Asakusa, Akihabara, Shibuya, Omotesando On our fourth day at Tokyo, we were much more relaxed and laid back. Instead of going around the city, we went to visit Sensoji Temple at Asakusa . It was a very sunny yet chilly day. Everyday was around 10-12...
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