This is an official call for inclusion in Stupefying Stories presents the 2013 Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology. Any individual whose first qualifying sale (at least 3¢/word, for a total of at least $50) was published in 2011 or 2012 is eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer via the 2013 Hugo ballot, and is accordingly invited to participate in this anthology. Please help us to spread the word!

Note: This is an unpaid, reprint-only anthology. It will be available as a free download, from February 1 through the end of April, 2013... by which point the Hugo and Campbell nominees should be announced. (If for some reason the announcement of nominees is delayed, the anthology will continue to be available until the actual ballot is public knowledge.)

As a special free "awards focus" volume, and given the fact that we've already had quite a bit of interest in participation, we can't pay for these reprints. No one will be compelled to provide material, nor will anyone be shunned/ignored if they choose not to participate; a full list of known, eligible candidates for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and the details of their eligibility, is intended for inclusion in the finished volume, regardless of whether those individuals elect to also supply fiction for the purpose.

However, if you are eligible, and if you were already planning to make any of your work available to the public, please consider allowing us to include a selection of that material as well. You'll be in good company, and there is always the possibility that you will pick up a new reader or two along the way.

Assuming you are currently eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, you are invited to supply your qualifying sale (meaning the first for which you received at least 3¢/word, for a total of at least $50), and up to two additional pieces of your fiction that were published in the same year as, or after, your qualifying sale. If your qualifying sale is submitted, it will be the first story presented under your name; if you are supplying additional work, feel free to specify your preferred sequence. If no sequence is specified for the additional work, we'll default to the sequence of publication.

Additional work does not necessarily need to come from qualifying, professional venues. If you feel that your ability is better represented by a semi-pro sale, feel free to include it. If you are the proudest of a story that first appeared on your blog, that's fair game, as long as it appeared after your qualifying sale. Although we would strongly prefer to include as many Campbell-qualifying sales as possible, should the reprint rights for your qualifying sale not be available, or if the qualifying sale is not among your strongest work (meaning you would prefer not to present that particular work, for whatever unspecified reason), you may substitute another piece from the same qualifying period, so that — if you choose — three representative pieces may still be included.

In any case, please restrict yourself to no more than 20K-ish words, split however you feel is best, among no more than three pieces of fiction. Remember, we want everyone to read as many of the included stories as possible; we don't want any single individual to monopolize the content. (If you feel your career is best be represented by a longer novella or an excerpt from a full-length novel, please contact me so that we can determine whether it would be better to bend the length restrictions and include an appropriate portion, or simply include the publication info.)

We are seeking a one-time, non-exclusive right to reprint the material you supply, with a duration sufficient to ensure exposure for, and facilitate the fair evaluation of, as many eligible writers as choose to participate. Whatever you send though, please make sure that your reprint rights are unencumbered. We can only include stories for which you are allowed to assign these reprint rights. If you aren't certain, or if the stories you'd like to include are recent enough that it might be questionable, please check with your original publisher first so we don't step on any toes.

Use the submissions AT vintageseason DOT com address to send material for the 2013 Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology.

The deadline for inclusion is January 20, 2013.

The firm release date is February 1, 2013... which will give us time to spread the word about participation, and still allow folks five and a half weeks to read before filling out their ballots. Even if you choose not to include your work in this collection, please help spread the word, so that every eligible writer will have the opportunity to be included.
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