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I will end my commentary on this post by saying in my humble opinion Kareem is the greatest player ever. Whether you are talking about high school, college or pro or as a combination of all levels.

People who play the game understand that dominating the paint area is a critical aspect of basketball. Kareem did this both offensively and defensively. The importance of this cannot be overstated.

Perhaps equally important was Kareem was a team player who made his entire team better by dominating the paint but also by his ability to pass and draw double coverage on the block,which opened up space on the floor for others to score.

There is no coincidence that upon his arrival on 2 lousy teams(Bucks and Lakers) Kareem made them immediately competitive and eventual championship contenders.

In addition, another vital and often overlooked aspect of Kareem's game is he one of the game's all time greatest of finishers.He was an incredibly clutch player whose unstoppable skyhook(56% FG % Career) was just as good at the end of games as it was at the beginning  of games, and when he got fouled he was a very reliable free throw shooter.

A team would never dream of using intentional fouling methodology against Kareem as they do and have done against today's centers and other poor free throws shooters in today's game. Therefore, he remained the go-to-guy because of it. Even in the twilight of his career with the Showtime Lakers( Unlike Shaq who disappears and is deemed a liability because of his poor free throw shooting).

Yes arguments can be made for other players such as MJ as being the greatest of all time which is obviously a very subjective title to bestow on anyone but when you add up his mind-boggling and unsurpassed statistical achievements and the finer points of creating a winning team, the importance of the Center position inherent to the game of basketball and the fact that he was one of the greatest closers that i have ever personally watched as well as in the history of the game. I say without a doubt he is the greatest player of all time at any level of basketball.

The fact that he doesnt get widespread recognition as such is because of his comparatively "boring" game ala Tim Duncan, lack of mass media appeal, and the majority of the fan base being introduced to the game during or after the Jordan era. Therefore, many never watched a Prime Kareem play. Anyone who says that he doesnt have a subjective claim as the G.O.A.T or as many has said in here that he isnt a Top 5 G.O.A.T....needs their head examined.
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Hi Tyrone, I'm Chase. I looked into its eyes 4 months ago....been fucking wit it every since. Lol
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Eric Williams

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Lebron be like...
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Eric Williams

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Just skinned up the PS4 with controller, self install. What do you think?
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Moneystation4 Lol
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