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In our return to the boat we saw the Indians amuse or excersise themselves in a manner truly surprizing. It was in a place where the shore was not guarded by a reef as is usualy the case, consequently a high surf fell upon the shore, a more deadfull one I have not often seen: no European boat could have landed in it and I think no Europaean who had by any means got into [it] could possibly have saved his life, as the shore was coverd with pebbles and large stones. In the midst of these breakers 10 or 12 Indians were swimming who whenever a surf broke near them divd under it with infinite ease, rising up on the other side; but their cheif amusement was carried on by the stern of an old canoe, with this before them they swam out as far as the outermost breach, then one or two would get into it and opposing the blunt end to the breaking wave were hurried in with incredible swiftness. Sometimes they were carried almost ashore but generaly the wave broke over them before they were half way, in which case the[y] divd and quickly rose on the other side with the canoe in their hands, which was towd out again and the same method repeated. We stood admiring this very wonderfull scene for full half an hour, in which time no one of the actors atempted to come ashore but all seemd most highly entertaind with their strange diversion.

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“It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.”

This seems timely and it gives me a chance to promote one of my favorite sites.

An open message to all outer-space aliens.
If you are responsible for seeding the Earth it is about time you came back and did some weeding.

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I can't think of a better person for the job.

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Disney scam? I received an email saying that I had requested a new password.

Not only did I not request a new password I never had an account in the first place.

Palestinians take heart and look at the long term. In a hundred years you may be getting rich from the casinos on your tribal lands.

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Jeremy Bash understands the US citizen's confusion caused by hearing both sides of an argument is untenable.

"Their analysis can be challenged behind closed doors, "

Of course the US citizens that are responsible for the US democracy should be kept in the dark. What are you thinking?

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Why is the United States of America not on the list of partners that will automatically trade banking information with the Swiss?
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