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Visualization & Collaboration on a global scale
Visualization & Collaboration on a global scale

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Introducing the new SAGE™ Forum website…

The new SAGE Forum website, now available on LinkedIn, has been created to better serve the SAGE User Community. Please take a moment to join at:

SAGE Forum:

This community Forum has been created to better respond to user questions, to stimulate more discussion, and to better track and understand application uses and requirements. The Forum is monitored by the SAGE Team at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) and the technical team at Vadiza, Inc., a company that recently licensed EVL’s SAGE and is creating an enterprise version to sell with tiled display wall appliances and portable systems.

There is no cost to participate in the SAGE Forum. For those who find that they prefer more timely responses to questions, contact Vadiza for support at <>,, or (855) 344-8400.

Thanks for your ongoing interest in and use of SAGE!
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Vadiza, Inc. is a software company developing the first commercial version of SAGE - the vizualization & collaboration software from the EVL at University of Illinois/Chicago. Vadiza is also offering technical support for the 100+ SAGE implementations around the globe. Check us out at -
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