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François-Dominique Armingaud
OQP essayer de devenir centenaire. C'est pas gagné ;-(
OQP essayer de devenir centenaire. C'est pas gagné ;-(

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Be amazed by a super-charged volcanic ash cloud sparked by lightning
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This is really brilliant - a 3D-printed Raspberry Pi-based digital microscope that's capable of micron-scale sample positioning in all three axes! It costs £45 + the Pi. If you're lucky enough to be going to Wuthering Bytes Open Source Hardware camp this weekend, you can build one yourself.

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Great evolution summary of a variety of #userInterfaces through enhancements of hardware & software. :) #UI #UX #IxD

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I love (I have already mentioned it before as the reason I often don't have to get out of my ratty bathrobe for weeks at a time), but christ people, you just really screwed up.

I got a defective remote control for my steam shower (yeah, yeah, I understand that my Finnish citizenship is in danger by admitting this, but I have to say I almost prefer the steam shower over the real - albeit electric - sauna we also have).

So I returned it, with a nice write-up about what was wrong with it both inside and outside the box. Just to make sure that people realized it doesn't actually work. But I still wanted the remote (so that I can start the steam and let it heat up for a while before actually going into the shower) so I just asked Amazon to replace it.

The replacement came today. It was an opened box, which made me a bit nervous. I hooked it up, and it showed the same broken behavior as the previous unit. Hmm.

I hadn't actually marked the box any way, or written up serial numbers, and I'd returned the previous unit in pristine condition, but I had changed the battery in the remote unit as part of my "let's make sure it really is broken before I send it back" routine.

Yeah, the "replacement" unit had my replacement battery in it (and the same unglued magnet in the battery compartment, but maybe they just use bad glue and that's not unusual). And I'm pretty sure it's my replacement - since we don't throw batteries in the garbage, I could actually find the old CR2032, just to double-check that my IKEA-sourced replacement was different from the ones they use in the original.

Now,, I understand that people probably return things as "broken" all the time because they are morons, and they bought the wrong thing and it's just easier to say "it's broken" than "I'm a f*cking moron" on the return slip.

So I can understand that you try to send the allegedly broken merchandise to the next customer, because it's a numbers game, and it's probably a good idea to just double-check. Really, I understand. I'd do the same thing. We're all morons. I get it.

But sending it back to the same customer? Yeah, that's not so smart. I guess most of the stuff you work with is high-volume enough that there is no point in tracking this thing (what are the odds?), but clearly when you only had one in stock, you might want to re-think your strategy.
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