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Joseph Mello
Living life, connecting people in culture, technology, the arts; aspire to teach and write
Living life, connecting people in culture, technology, the arts; aspire to teach and write

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Question - who had set up the Google Group for unboxers? I'd like to switch my membership in it to my author google+ account.  

Ok silly Google+ Q - what is the difference between "People to Add" and "Suggestions". A person that appears under "People to Add" is someone I emailed last week. Does this mean they added me, or that Google noticed the person I emailed had a Google+ account and suggested them?

+Ephraim Mallery Hi - I finished your peer review and uploaded it. I didn't have an email for you. Feel free to reach out with questions.

So like, did the book say whether the workers in Pavilion did their work only at night? Sifting dreams, and creating monsters. That's when people in Alterra would be dreaming.  Otherwise, if I were running the Guard, I would wait until daytime to take Guards into the Fog and fight the monsters.
Also, how do the monsters get made? I mean, it takes a Builder to manifest anything right? But the separation of monsters versus good ideas happens with the Dreamers. How can they manifest the monsters?

I finished my draft and uploaded it! This is the first story I have written since brief ones for middle school 37 years ago. It will read as a first effort, but I look forward to the edits and publication!

Hi - update - still writing, about 60% done. Will take about 4 days from today. If too pressed on time, go ahead, but if others are in same boat ...

Loaded a lot of the page skeleton to the wiki.
Will add text from the world docs as I have time, or feel free to jump in.

At the top of each page, I try to include a link back to the parent page. If there is a way to automatically do this, let me know.
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