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Chris Connelly
Marketing for Google Play Music, communicator, storyteller, music fan, political observer, craft beer lover, Googler.
Marketing for Google Play Music, communicator, storyteller, music fan, political observer, craft beer lover, Googler.

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"If Trump goes on as he has — attacking all Muslims, talking about bans, embracing torture, and arguing that restraint and fact-based policies are weak — he will continue to play into the hands of the terrorists. He will spawn new recruits for the Islamic State. He will trigger new hatred or fear of the United States. In fact, he will strengthen our enemies while fostering the divisions in America that actually weaken us and make us more vulnerable.

In fact, for all his rhetoric about threats, Trump will miss the greatest national security threat America faces — even though each morning it will stare back at him in the mirror when he shaves. Because that threat is clearly him. Trump would be the president the bad guys want us to have. He is a racist, know-nothing, global bully with no respect for international law, out to alienate the vast majority of Muslims, despite the fact that many are deeply sympathetic to the United States and could be our most important allies in combating extremism.

Further, Trump is a danger because he has failed to recognize that first and foremost what happened in Orlando was an American tragedy. Those victims in Orlando are part of a hated and bullied class of Americans, and they were slaughtered with firearms that were too easily purchased in America. Mateen wore the belief system of a terror group like a cheap suit, seizing it as a justification that was as insincere and unrelated to Islamic values as Trump’s response is to true American values. In failing to see this as an American problem rather than one we can blame on some “other,” we assure nothing will be done to address it and thus it can only get worse.

What a great victory that is for Osama bin Laden. What a victory it is for all extremists. It weakens the most powerful nation in the world in the only way it can really be done — from within. That was bin Laden’s greatest insight, of course. He knew no terror group or foreign power could defeat the United States; it could only be done by us to ourselves. In this election cycle, it once again seems clear that a substantial number of Americans — and the GOP candidate — seem absolutely committed to proving that thesis right."

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Dear Californian Democrats:

Today, I re-registered to vote as a Republican in order to vote against Donald Trump. I encourage other California Democrats to consider doing the same.

Our presidential primary is on June 7, 2016. It is a closed primary, which means you have to be registered member of the party in whose primary you wish to vote. The GOP has failed to stop Trump - so let's not leave it up to them alone. California awards its delegates (172) proportionally, and Trump is going to need some significant portion of that number if he is to win the nomination.

The GOP has failed to stop Trump - so let's not leave it up to them alone. California awards its delegates (172) proportionally, and Trump is going to need some significant portion of that number if he is to win the nomination.

I can see two reasons why Democrats might object to this idea: 1) this prevents us from voting in the Democratic primary, in which many folks want to cast a principled vote for Bernie or Hillary; and 2) Donald Trump is actually the candidate we should prefer to face in November, as he either a) isn't really a Republican and is likely to be less conservative on critical issues than the other Republican candidates, or b) Trump will be easier to defeat.

On point 1: it is very unlikely that the Democratic race will be significantly influenced by the results in California. I remain skeptical that there is any path to victory for Bernie Sanders, and I anticipate this will be increasingly clear as we approach June. On the other hand, it is a virtual certainty that the Republican race will be significantly impacted by Californian votes. But I'd encourage anybody who is in this camp to keep an eye on the race. You can change your party affiliation up until May 23. By then, it should be very clear whether California will matter in the nominating process.

On point 2: I see a Donald Trump presidency as a fundamental, existential threat to American democracy. He is a misogynist, a racist, a bully and a megalomaniac. He promotes violence, fear and anger. He's unpredictable and cruel. He appeals to the worst in people. And somehow - either despite or because of all of this - he's managed to tap into a very real strain of American populism that makes him very, very dangerous. Either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders can and will beat Ted Cruz, John Kasich, or any other Republican that emerges from a contested convention. And while I believe that Clinton or Sanders can and will also beat Donald Trump, Trump doesn't deserve the honor of being the nominee of a major American political party. Nor am I willing to take the chance of something going horribly wrong and us ending up with a President Donald Trump.

I hope you'll consider joining me in re-registering as a Republican, so we can all hold our noses together and help whatever GOP alternative is still standing come June - whether that's John Kasich or Ted Cruz.

If you agree, please consider sharing this with other Californians.

Changing your registration is easy; it takes about five minutes. You can do so online up until May 23, 2016, at this link:

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Happy Halloween!

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This headline could have very easily been "two bears eat french bulldog," but I'm glad it didn't go that way. Good on you, little dude.

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LCD Soundsystem to reunite? Hell yes.

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I really like watching football...but I'm increasingly feeling bad about that. Stories like this make me believe the sport may be on borrowed time.

" years of research into the impact of head trauma in high school players points to new dangers that parents will find extremely alarming.

'We are seeing changes in brain activity even without a diagnosed concussion, even without any sign or symptoms showing up and that that occurs in a large population of our subjects,' Larry Leverenz, a Clinical Professor of Health and Kinesiology at Purdue University.

More than half of the players participating in the trials showed signs of altered neurological function and dramatic changes to the wiring and biochemistry of their brains, according to a series of studies published by the Purdue Neurotrauma Group. They focused their research on pre-concussive head injuries which up until now went largely ignored due to lack of symptoms such as dizziness or disorientation associated with a concussion."

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Definitely the standout track from Ryan Adams' 1989.

Just lovely. On par with his version of Wonderwall.

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I married the incomparable +Christine Hopkins this weekend.

This is a sneak peek of some of our photos, from the amazing Merrick Chase. Thanks to our friends and family who made the weekend so special. We love you.
Chris/tine Get Hitched
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Looking good, Google. Looking good.

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Bambi and Thumper spotted in Estes Park, CO.

Definitely the cutest thing you're going to see this week.
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