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having a blast at Alabama Phoenix Festival!
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thanks for the add.

Thoradin rests warily watching the halls for trouble as he catches his breath, he wonders what have I got myself into? The worthy adventurers that he has gotten in with seem like nice enough folks, He admires aspects of each, but wonders at his worthiness to join such as these, that last battle had almost did him in, but as he is a proud dwarf, he could not truly admit how close it had been, he is thankful or the cleric that saw fit to heal him when his need was great.
He readily admits to himself if to none other he admires the young lady tiefling. I would be glad to have such as her call me friend, the other tiefling is of sturdy character and a hard fighter, I respect him also, so I find myself respecting most of the members of the party more than I respect myself, I am ashamed I was not were I could help the Lady Tiefling when her tail was chopped off and she was mistreated by those crude and unworthy soldiers.

Has anyone done conversions from gurps characters/settings to SW?
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