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and yet another reason why i'm so anxious....

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On Monday 08/27 at approx 5:45a I set out on a journey. A journey to upload all 46GBs of my music catalog to Google Music. As of approx 10:30a this morning (08/30) that journey reached its completion..........Goodbye iPod/iTunes, Hello Android/Google Music !!

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I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search.

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Uh Oh......

The Toshiba Thrive vs. the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1", hm........choices.......

Ok, i'm back after a lengthy hiatus.....what's new? what do i do? Does TweetDeck or any other "app" support Google+ yet? that's really a big reason i haven't been on it all that much......Somebody put me on game!!

I'm on this thang!!! now what do i do??
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