The health tech revolution will turn all of us into big data wonks

Citation: With the influx of wearable technology such as FitBit, many of us are starting to track of and analyze our data and even compare our data with others. With the ability to aggregate data, some consumers combine their FitBit with a scale to analyze their activity and weight. / #Lifelogging  
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Companies like Apple and Samsung are working to simplify how biometrics and other health data are collected, analyzed, and shared. This consumerization of big data will mean as much to individuals in the near future as sales forecasting means to businesses today. / #Consumerisation   #BigData  
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With this type of data collection, real time biometrics could be transmitted to doctors. Alerts can go out to doctors that can help save lives, such as an irregular heartbeat that can be a precursor to a heart attack or indicate other serious health issues. A single heart rate measurement isn’t a lot of data, but continuously tracking someone’s heart rate, weight, body fat percentage, body weight, diet, activities, sleep patterns, blood pressure and other metrics can add up over the years. New innovations will allow individuals to compare their health metrics to others in similar demographics, helping them set goals and evaluate how effective exercise and other lifestyle changes have been. / #RealTime   #PredictiveAnalytics   #Benchmarking   #Demographics  
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Analytics puts patterns together within data and makes sense of it, providing us actionable information. It can target our needs and give us personalization with higher accuracy. And as mobile devices, wearable devices, and appliances get connected to each other, we will have access to greater insights to improving our health over our lifetime. / #Mobile   #Healthcare  

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