The UK is not ready for data driven jobs
Hayden Richards writes on 10.Oct.13

Appears there will be a rising skills gap to fill due to the emergence of new services surrounding the internet of things (aka industrial internet).  Better education for the future workforce is required.

The high degree of servitization occurring in the manufacturing and industrial sector is fuelling innovation and will in the future create brand-new roles such as digital mechanical engineers in the new workplace where machine human collaboration is the norm. [...] Companies need to retrain staff in this new digital and data driven reality.  / #HumanResources   #Manufacturing   #DriveInnovation   #Collaboration  
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According to research by the organization for economic co-operation and development (OECD), England is an advanced economy in which the younger generation leaves school less than literate with abysmally poor numeracy skills.  / #UK   #Education  
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The report was critical of the US and UK current situation. It noted that improvements between younger and older generations are barely apparent and that young people entering into a much more demanding labor market are not that many that are prepared than those who are retiring. So based on this revelation it seems that the industrial Internet and its future workforce may struggle when it comes to finding competent employees. / #InternetofThings   #UK   #USA   #Demographics  

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