Ranking charities by the benefit they provide
(29 Sept 2010)

+David Pidsley Is this the idea you were referring to?  I agree, it would be cool if we could mock up some form of this idea, preferably with #Maps , but any #DataVisualisation  would help.

"Charities should be ranked according to how much they benefit the public so people can make more informed giving choices, according to Martin Brookes, chief executive of think tank New Philanthropy Capital.

"'One often hears exhortations to people to give more, but rarely does one hear pleas for donors to give better or smarter,' Brookes said in a speech at the RSA last night.

"He said that in creating such a list a sensible place to start would be prioritising needs.

"'Something like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs could be useful,' he said. 'This begins with physiological needs such as food and water, rising through to safety, belonging and esteem, and ending with self-actualisation, such as creativity.'"

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Posted by +Dan Durrant 

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