The Storytelling Mandate of Big Data

We collect data and use data effectively to enhance our experiences and tell stories, says Ramesh Jain, a UC Irvine professor and big data researcher. “But this requires understanding relationships among disparate data items. And that is where the importance of Big Data really lies,” Jain writes on his blog.

Data-powered storytelling can be broken down into two categories: micro stories and macro stories. In their 2013 piece on the topic, Jain and Microsoft researcher Malcolm Stanley theorize that micro stories can be as simple as clicking the “like” button on Facebook, posting a picture on Instagram, or posting a video on YouTube. “Micro stories reflect a person’s experience with just one small event–really a moment in the event,” they write.

Mega stories can be generated by combining micro stories into a bigger narrative. “Mega stories tell a story that could only be created by considering a large volume of relevant events in big data,” Jain and Stanley write. “All these events must be selected and aggregated based on the goal of the storyteller.”

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