Why Cognition-as-a-Service is the next operating system battlefield

... the key is that the intelligence that powers cognitive apps will come from cloud based platforms that host their brains — the apps themselves won’t really have to be that smart on their own. Which means that truly vast, always increasing, intelligence will be available via APIs to all kinds of apps, and right into the full range of consumer appliances, devices and even the Internet of things. All apps and even things will start to become cognitive.
The cognitive operating system will reach out and connect our bodies and even REACH into them via augmented reality devices like Google Glass, and the quantified self movement.

Everything is going to get smarter. Your phone, your calendar, your watch, your radio, your TV, your car, your refrigerator, your house, your glasses, your briefcase and clothing. The vast cognitive capabilities of the global CaaS providers will be cheap and available via APIs to every device from the nano scale up to the giant global applications and services.

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