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"Conjunction Over the White Tanks"

A rare conjunction of planets as seen from Phoenix, Arizona, with the White Tank Mountains in the foreground. Forming a triangle are Jupiter (upper left), Mercury (upper right), and Venus (bottom center). 

In addition to the planets, a few other objects can be seen if you view full screen. Near the upper left corner is the star Zeta Tauri. Below Jupiter and to its left is a double star o Tauri, and very near Jupiter at the 10:00 position are three of Jupiter's moons: Callisto, Ganymede, and Europa.


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Conched Out

#marthasvinyard for the weekend! 
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Rain streamers from the Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon.
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Here is another shot that I was really looking to get on my last visit back home to Sweden. 

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Golden flowers reaching for sunshine.
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+Keith Johnston here is my attempt at making him look wicked sinister :D
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