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To be healthy you need to eat vegetables and fruits

              To be healthy you need to aet vegetables and fruits every day if you do so you will not only be healthy but also you will feel better.

               There are many kinds of vegetables and fruits that help people to be healthy. These vegetables and fruits are riched in vitamins that are good for our body and they help us to prevent many illnesses . For exxmple, oranges are good to prevent cold and fever. If you want to be healthy, this is the solution. even though you do not exercise yourself everyday , but if you it vegetables and fruits you will  be healthy because you are eating something that is good for your health.

                When you are healthy, you look very well so if you look very well ,you will feel better with yourself.There are many people that think that appearance is nat important, but if you see yourself beautiful or handsome and the others say that you are beautiful or handsome, you will you will feel good and you are going to continue eating healthy.

               To conclude, if you want to be healthy and look very well, you need to eat vegetables and ftuits because they will help you a lot in your health and appearnce. Even though you think that just doing exercise you will be healthy, it is necessary that you eat vegetables and fruits everyday.

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