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My partners and I at Foundry Group just released a hard hitting documentary about life as a venture capitalist called "I'm A VC". Enjoy.
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Hilarious, Lonely Island meets Venture Capital, thanks for sharing!
Boulder's lonely island... thanks for sharing.
just disturbing enough that i had to watch it twice :) looks like you guys had fun!!
well played sirs, well played indeed. hilarious
Silicon Valley style is excellent.
That is really funny...Very cool and looks like it was lots of fun to create...
Loved it! Reminded me of the 'I'm A VC' parody I shot for the Lobby conference a few years ago. No awesome backing track+vocals though. 'Grats!
Nicely done. I got some good laughs out of it. Very SNL style.
'That's between a yes and a no". Love the sense of humor and nice to see the non-serious side of things.
Brad, how did you keep all of your lines straight? ;-)
Did Meldelson actually sing the song? Not bad.
Takes me back to the video that Gary Rieschel and Softbank VC (pre Mobius) put together a decade ago (no music though)
As with startups getting better, the videos get funnier in parlous times. Thanks for the laughter!
+Douglas Pollei Mendelson wrote, composed, played, and sang the song. I just pretended to dance - badly.
OMG, I was squirming the whole first run through it, but couldn't help watching it twice more (to catch all the details of course), hilarious.

Mendelson takes the Oscar obviously, but Levine gets my vote for best supporting -- he looks really into it, could have a future in Hollywood.
lol great that u guys have a sense of humour about it
Love the video. Shows a whole new side to VC's. Who knew y'all were so cool and such snazzy dressers!
As an entrepreneur, I think your video is fun and "off the chain" (your blog posts are insightful and great too). Yes, the video was a little creepy (just sayin') and I think I might be scared to find your team dressed like that in a back alley in downtown Austin. However, the video does separate you from the pack of VCs because at least it makes your team "appear" more accessible. Great job, I like that your team is passionate and not so uptight. I will share this video with others in the startup community in Houston and Austin.
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