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Gucci MFW fall 2017
LET THE FAWNING BEGIN.... in earnest Color me flummoxed! Was it impressive … jeez yes! The scale
of it was monumental which no doubt matches the ego of the designer. The set,
the staging, the sheer quantity of models and pieces which it took to create

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Cheerio London LFW fall 2017
That is all !! Welcome to the land of yikes!  click image to enlarge What has happened to London being the fashion
laboratory?   click image to enlarge Is it possible that this passes for fashion? click image to enlarge Imagination runs wild and yet reality...

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Sabato Russo founder and designer Sartorial Monk
quite as exhilarating and gratifying as watching the trajectory of a new brand
rising from the dust! Take that scenario and ad...

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London LFW fall 2017 ... so far
  If NYFW was filled
with yawns and yikes then London gains the distinction of possibly being a yikes
only zone!  What happened to Gareth Pugh who suddenly did Ric Owens
meets Rei Kawakubo meets Junya Watanabe?  What has happened to London being the fashion...

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Yikes and Yawns NYFW fall 2017
Or maybe groans and moans.. It’s up to you to decide ..  click image to enlarge.. if you must There will be no names here ... Just images ... It is up to
you to call them out of you wish …   click image to enlarge.. if you must click image to enlarge.. if y...

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Ralph Lauren NYFW fall 2017.. show now / shop now
In keeping with show now shop now, we get Ralph Lite! There was
an amazing difference and possibly disconnect in presentation as well as mood. I
guess the best way to express it is to say what was shown lacked the usual
polish that he has perfected all thes...

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Thom Browne NYFW fall 2017
Once again if you are looking for the cachet and raison
d’etre for NYFW, look   no further than
here   and again Raf is a rank amateur by
comparison on every level ad hardly a main attraction. As they say the proof is
in the pudding and here there is a smor...

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Delpozo NYFW fall 2017
Del Pozo fall 2017 Let’s us take a moment here and GIVE THANKS   for showing in NYFW as without you   each season becomes more of a yawn or a yikes.
Thank you for actually presenting a “DESIGNED” collection that doesn’t riff on
trend but is true to not only...

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Naeem Khan NYFW 2017
In a world
of Vetements, Raf and wannabe designers by the truck load, there is a man who
stands tall, especially when standing on his beadwork! Naeem Khan is THE master
of his oeuvre and by that I mean embellishments on steroids. Between the prints,
the pat...
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