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An HTTP networking library implemented in modern C++. Check it out as an alternative to Proxygen.

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If there's no predeterminism in quantum mechanics, can it output numbers that have no pattern?

How can you know whether a sequence of numbers is random? Suppose, for example, that you buy an alleged random-number generator for use in creating cryptographic keys, and suppose the generator spits out something like:

84, 67, 33, 68, 81, 29, 83, 90, 26, . . .

The numbers look pretty random, but can you be confident that there’s no hidden pattern—perhaps because of a backdoor secretly inserted by the manufacturer or some other privacy interloper?

Certifying randomness is both a philosophical problem and an urgently practical one. Electrical engineer and computer scientist Scott Aaronson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discusses this in his two-part series of verifying randomness. Read more:

#QuantumMechanics #Randomness #ComputerScience #Mathematics #Physics #Philosophical #Numbers #Science

Further readings:
• Part 1 of this series in American Scientist magazine: The Quest for Randomness:
• Shtetl-Optimized, Scott Aaronson's blog:

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What kind of vim plugins do you use for programming with C++?

I've been looking through the Arch Beginner's Guide and I have a few questions. I have both an intel and an nvidia graphics card on my laptop.

1. Which driver should I install? The intel driver or the nvidia driver?
2. Do I need to install mesa before I install the driver?
3. Is it possible to "dynamically switch" between the two graphics cards?

If my CPU supports 64-bits, is there any downside to using the 64-bit arch packages?

If I want to use KDE on archlinux, is it possible to not install certain things like Akonadi and Kontact?

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You must become like the tiger and the ant, young grasshopper.

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